Letters to Jamey series

Dear Jamey,

I love you.
I love you not like man and wife, but in a manner that’s close to that without the vows.
I love you.
I love you not for the things you say, but how you say them and how they resonate with my core values and ethos.
I love you.
I love you not for the things you do, but how you do them with the purest interest in my satisfaction.
I love how gentility flows from your core.
I love your peaceful aura and how you calm my madness.
I love the way you make the silence do your talking and how you speak to my heart.
I love every second you share with me.
I love how you love me in spite of myself.
I love how you bring love to life with your kindness.
I love you with a love so simple and so true.
I love you.

Amity ©

Dear Jamey,

Letters to Jamey series 1

The truth is I fell.
Yes, I fell, helplessly and hopelessly in love with you.
I don’t know how, or when, but somehow at one point or the other, I did.
I know I wasn’t supposed to, but, here I am, totally smitten.
As hopeless as it is, and as helpless as I feel, I love the feeling of love for you in my heart. I love the way it makes my heart race when I hear your voice, and how it makes my palms sweat when I’m in your presence. I wonder if you notice how uneven my voice gets whenever we talk these days.
The only shame is that I can’t read you, not your face, or your body language. I wish I knew for certain how you feel about me, even if we are never going to be together as a couple. Yes, I want you. Yes, I want to hear you say “I love you” to me. Yes, I want you to show me true love, but I love you too much to want a relationship that is forced.
I wonder if I am asking for too much, or maybe, what I desire is not even enough.
I wonder.

Written by AMITY

Edited by Abiodun

When I say I miss you…

when I say “I miss you”,

I mean 

I miss your smile

I miss the things you say 

I miss how you say them

I miss the twinkle in your eyes when you say them

I miss your touch

I miss the softness  of your  palm when they rub against  my skin

I miss those cuddles and

I miss the kisses

I miss a walk down  the park.

I miss your laugh

I miss your silence 

I miss the joy you bring

I miss everything  about you

I miss us.

When I say “I miss you”,

I mean

You’re like the wind,

A friend, even if eyes cannot see,

When you’re not ‘here’,

Trust me, you’re sorely missed,

Laughter, gist and moral support,

Implicit trust in my play with words,

And the privilege of vision,

Views of places across the ocean.

I know you care,

And that’s why I cannot breathe,

When you’re not here,

It’s like there’s no air.

When I say “I miss you”, 

I mean

I miss something we did in the past, 

somewhere we used to be, 

something we talked about.

I mean 

I miss the virtual  kisses

And our our stroll through Neverland

Even the evening strolls in the dusty 

village track roads .

I miss the chuckles under the sheets 

and Singing to The Sound of Silence, 

imagining we were on stage with 

Garfunkel, and watching 20,000 

screaming fans at Madison Square.

I miss the pictures  I took

The one that bore through and

captures your smiles, strengths and 

I miss the sound of dried leaves, the 

sound they made when we made 



When I say “I miss you”,

 I usually mean I cannot feel 

the connection with the you as much

 as I normally do.

 We need to reconnect and revive it.

 I need to feel the you no matter how 

far you are. 

The pretender

“I was quick to dismiss him. I was determined never to entertain love and love talks. I have had enough. I’m sure if awards were given for failed love, I would have a truck load. Maybe my bruised heart would serve as one.  My last lover did great damage. He took what was left of my broken heart and sucked the breath out of it so much so nothing could make it flutter in love again”.


I tell the story of a girl who went in search of love.

She journeyed with her priced possessions: her pen, her heart and crazy mind. 

She journeyed through the land of words. 

Wild bitter words were food to her; vile were the words she drank.

Even when the thorns of words tore her delicate skin, she never gave up.

Till one fateful day, when he came her way.

“He, I thought was my heaven-made match.I never suspected he was a heart stealer. I gave him the key to the sacred lock. I let him into the inner most chamber of my heart. He became the king of my heart”.


She loved him with all of her brokenness.

She gave him all she had- her heart, pen and crazy mind.

His words meant everything to her.

He spoke them not neither did he scribble, his big brown eyes 

imprinted it on her broken heart and deep down her soul.

Actions they say speak louder than words.

His words were action, they meant everything to her.

Those words hugged her brokenness

with their rainbow wings, they kissed her scars.

she felt so safe until he stabbed her heart to death 

with those same words.

“Gosh! He was a good pretender and I fell real hard. I have never felt so broken in my whole life. So you see why I can’t stand another love talk. I am done with love because he, my last lover,murdered what was left of my bruised heart”.

I will


I will love you
I will  love you  always
Like you are mine
You will be mine
With all of me
Every moment
I will adore you
I will let you play in my thoughts
Only you will occupy my thoughts
I will make up silly thoughts about you
I will  dream  of  you
I will create lovely dreams about you.
In those dreams
I will dance with you in the rain
and  I will  kiss you
When I pick up my pen
I will write to you
Sweet words
truthful  words
will  I write  about you
I will Scribble your name on paper
I will draw you
Paint you
Make sculptures of you
Tattoo your name on my  skin
Even on my heart’s tablet will your name be engraved
I will sing to you
Sing for you
Sing about you
I will smile 
I will smile  always
Because  your name will pop up in my mind
every time I think happy  thoughts
I will let you into my world
My world will be built for you
I will love you
I will make you mine
In my mind
Without  your knowledge.




Wild rose, woodsy, musky
All meshed  in one.
This fragrance reminds me of him.
Smells stronger than the pheromones he emits.
Soft sillage, waft subtly 
engulfing my essence
As he gallops across my mind
(He does that always)
This fragrance reminds me of our first kiss 
The breathtaking  one we had in my mind
it’s not like I had ever met him in person.
I bet he’ll smell like this when we eventually  meet.

– Amity4

You lost Me


You lost me the day you tried to change me
You became a hazy, fuzzy, repressed memory
Locked in the jail of my unconscious  
Where all my heart breakers dwell

You were perfect for me until the day you tried to change me
When my dreams became repulsiveto you
And my aspirations started to nauseate you
You dethroned yourself as the queen of my heart

You held the key to my soul until the day you tried to change me
You, thinking I am faulty and I need fixing
How dare you dash my hope this way?
You, I thought  loved me for me.

You broke me the day you tried to change  me
You, who fixed my brokenness
You promised  forever
Now, we have never.


Power Of Speech: On Pause.

Miniscule Diary

If words just ran together

Leaving punctuation behind

With no commas or periods

Each page would stay undefined

And imagine your favourite song

Denied any intervals of rest

Every note would lose its power

It would be a cacophony at best

Life becomes more breath-taking

When you remember to take

A breath inside each moment

You give yourself a break

And in this serene space

You reconnect to your core

Recovering deeper meaning

You find yourself once more

Oh, how sacred it is to pause

In all the chaos you embrace

To rest your flow of thoughts

Feel the peace within your pace.

-Author: G
Instagram ID: @powerofspeech


This is a heartfelt piece, which I got off IG, just for you. Dear Loves, pause. Rent a bathroom, or carve a corner. Take one deep breath, and maybe another one, then another one; stop and stare, just stare deeply– look…

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