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When I say I miss you…

when I say “I miss you”,

I mean 

I miss your smile

I miss the things you say 

I miss how you say them

I miss the twinkle in your eyes when you say them

I miss your touch

I miss the softness  of your  palm when they rub against  my skin

I miss those cuddles and

I miss the kisses

I miss a walk down  the park.

I miss your laugh

I miss your silence 

I miss the joy you bring

I miss everything  about you

I miss us.

When I say “I miss you”,

I mean

You’re like the wind,

A friend, even if eyes cannot see,

When you’re not ‘here’,

Trust me, you’re sorely missed,

Laughter, gist and moral support,

Implicit trust in my play with words,

And the privilege of vision,

Views of places across the ocean.

I know you care,

And that’s why I cannot breathe,

When you’re not here,

It’s like there’s no air.

When I say “I miss you”, 

I mean

I miss something we did in the past, 

somewhere we used to be, 

something we talked about.

I mean 

I miss the virtual  kisses

And our our stroll through Neverland

Even the evening strolls in the dusty 

village track roads .

I miss the chuckles under the sheets 

and Singing to The Sound of Silence, 

imagining we were on stage with 

Garfunkel, and watching 20,000 

screaming fans at Madison Square.

I miss the pictures  I took

The one that bore through and

captures your smiles, strengths and 

I miss the sound of dried leaves, the 

sound they made when we made 



When I say “I miss you”,

 I usually mean I cannot feel 

the connection with the you as much

 as I normally do.

 We need to reconnect and revive it.

 I need to feel the you no matter how 

far you are. 


I will


I will love you
I will  love you  always
Like you are mine
You will be mine
With all of me
Every moment
I will adore you
I will let you play in my thoughts
Only you will occupy my thoughts
I will make up silly thoughts about you
I will  dream  of  you
I will create lovely dreams about you.
In those dreams
I will dance with you in the rain
and  I will  kiss you
When I pick up my pen
I will write to you
Sweet words
truthful  words
will  I write  about you
I will Scribble your name on paper
I will draw you
Paint you
Make sculptures of you
Tattoo your name on my  skin
Even on my heart’s tablet will your name be engraved
I will sing to you
Sing for you
Sing about you
I will smile 
I will smile  always
Because  your name will pop up in my mind
every time I think happy  thoughts
I will let you into my world
My world will be built for you
I will love you
I will make you mine
In my mind
Without  your knowledge.




Let Me Tell You A Story.

A long time ago,

I was born a day before my soulmate,

Very, many miles apart.

My first encounter with this soul

Was through a gift they gave a friend.

Simple was the gift

Yet it told me much about the giver.

Very many months after I’d beheld the gift,

The binding cord tugged at my heart

and my soul knew no rest.

I never thought we would cross path.

As fate would have it,

We met by chance

At a random convention.

We got talking soul to soul.

Life was beautiful and perfect

Till we crossed the line.

We started a fire we could not quench.

We got burnt; body, mind and soul.

But alive we are to tell the tale

Of first, true love and soul match.

We went our ways,

Very, many miles apart

But our souls stayed connected


The hurt, the pain, the longing and all

That comes with  separation.

We sometimes meet in our memories.

Our hearts  still beat in unison.

We hope to meet before the curtain draws.

This is where the story ends


For now.




My angelic devil sent to taunt me

With this bitter sweet romance;

You humbly pride yourself in my conquest

I made myself an easy prey.

I hate that I love you so!

Your gentle fury turns me on,

Your piquant wit, my undoing

The caress of your deceitful truth

Fans the embers of my undying affection;

I die each day to live for you

In this hell of a paradise;

You are the end to my beginning,

Your poisonous love, a cure for my withering heart;

Quench my thirst with your flame of love

In you, I want to be found forever lost.





 my dark angel, my perfect game

Your darkness glows like the morning sun

Let me swim the pool of your eyes

Feed me; fill me with your honeyed words

I hunger for a taste of the fountain of your lips

Oh how I hate that I want you so!

This blessed curse of longing for you

This soothing ache of needing you;

You smile, and the shadow lifts

Your laugh is like the gurgling of the water brooks

Your frown ushers in winter, my heart freezes;

Oh I hate what you do to me!

Your beauty is to die for

I am your willing slave,

A prisoner of love forever shackled to you.

To love

To love is to suffer
for the love of another
who may love you back or not

Still you will suffer for this love
because loving this one
is a lifetime sacrifice

A pledge to always be
by the side of this one you love
in good and bad times

Your love must waver not
undiluted in substance
staying ever true

For when you journey
Long enough
through this love route

You will certainly
realize this, that
To love is to suffer.

Written by Shai

spreading Love

Thank you christinejwchu for nominating  Amity to taking part in spreading love.

You’d like her to share her thoughts on love in 10 lines,

using four words in each line and each line to include the word love ,

and give her favorite quote on love.

She is indeed  honored and  hope she’s got the words to describe love.



Finding Love is magical

Nurturing love is transforming


Keeping love is hard,

when lust dilutes love.


Finding love is beautiful

Unconditional  love breaking  barriers


Speaking  love is healing

giving love is Priceless  


Finding love is splendor

Staying in love… heaven.


Amity’s  favorite love quote 



I will like to invite these lovely people to share their thoughts on love

and keep sharing the gift of love.



PuppyDoc (Phoebe)



Heedriz Depearl




The Wall…


Art by: amity

There is something about you;
it feels like the morning dew,
awakening my soul.
It draws me to you every clock tick.

I try to reach it
but I can’t touch it.
I see you reach out
but you can’t feel it.

There is something about me too;
I guess you don’t know it yet.
I can’t figure it out either.
All I can say is it lives in me.

Don’t try to find it.
Don’t try at all.
It is a part of me you’ll never know.
We’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist.

There is something about us;
We love, we laugh, we live in dreamland
but for the wall,
ours would have been heavens made.

Shall we break it?
Can we change it?
Shall we scale it?
Shall we pretend it exist not?

There is  really  nothing  about  us;
It’s  just a dream, a beautiful  dream.
If only I could sleep forever…
Then this wall, ‘reality’, shall be broken.


Maybe I love you

Maybe I don’t

Maybe I care

Just a little too much

Maybe I just want you to

Show me you care

Maybe I want you to

love me as much as

I love you

Maybe I am just a dreamer


Twitter crush

I don’t want to love you any more

Loving you hurts so much

It consumes my being.

Drains the blood in my veins

I live every second for you

I live on your timeline

Retweeting all your posts….

I don’t want to love you anymore

Cos you can’t love me back

You are oblivious of my love for you

I am nothing but a follower

Whom you never follow back

I don’t want to love you anymore

But I cant help myself….



came knocking

on my door this morn

Her radiant smile lit up my dark world

My dead soul came alive at the sight of love


came knocking

on my door this morn

Her gentle touch, my healing balm

Saved me from the shackles that held me down

As if by miracle my heart grew wings


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