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dear dairy (lost chance)

Dear you,

I am so sorry,  I am not who I  used to be. I changed. You changed me.

You taught me how  to live without you. It was hard, but I learned. 

I see how you long for things to be as it were before the break.

I would have loved it so,  few months ago when i was near death.

I , hoping you would show up or at least replied my messages.

You never did.

You see, the truth is I  killed the me you used to know so as to live.

You can never meet that me again.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea letting you back into my life after all.

Let the truth be told , I was really doing well without you and you know it.

You had your chance but you chose to treat me like you did.

I had never been so hurt in my life and will never be.

Yours brokenhearted G.




Lately, I dread the the call of dusk

‘cos night times are so unpleasant 

Those scary monsters come out to play

Invading my mind,

Sucking at my brain,

flossing their teeth with my locks.

Sticking their bloody fangs in my veins

Bloody blood suckers,

they want me dead

so that they can munch at my heart.

My eyes rotate helplessly in their sockets,

trying to manipulate the gruesome visions.

Mean! Mean! Monsters.

Cowards they are, lurking in the dark,

preying on an helpless insomniac like me.

Insomniac pleading for just an hour!

An hour to experience Sweet dreams.



Let Me Tell You A Story.

A long time ago,

I was born a day before my soulmate,

Very, many miles apart.

My first encounter with this soul

Was through a gift they gave a friend.

Simple was the gift

Yet it told me much about the giver.

Very many months after I’d beheld the gift,

The binding cord tugged at my heart

and my soul knew no rest.

I never thought we would cross path.

As fate would have it,

We met by chance

At a random convention.

We got talking soul to soul.

Life was beautiful and perfect

Till we crossed the line.

We started a fire we could not quench.

We got burnt; body, mind and soul.

But alive we are to tell the tale

Of first, true love and soul match.

We went our ways,

Very, many miles apart

But our souls stayed connected


The hurt, the pain, the longing and all

That comes with  separation.

We sometimes meet in our memories.

Our hearts  still beat in unison.

We hope to meet before the curtain draws.

This is where the story ends


For now.


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I have got a snake in my skull,
It is eating up my brain
I do not mind, you see
The snake will be my brain.

I gave the dog my bone
It’s just my tibia, you see
I got more than enough 
I don’t mind sparing one.

I told the lion off,
it ate half my bruised heart,
I do not mind, you see
I’ll replace it with iron.

I fed the cat my blood
Just a pint, you see
It loves it more than milk
It’s organic and red.

I did see the Eagle
before It plucked my eye
My twitching left eye
It never said thank you.

I dived into the sea.
I fed me to the shark,
The most reluctant shark
It ate me with no pleasure.

Amity4 🔏



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Them I so love, I let into my cove.

I offered them my widow’s mite 

To keep their tears out of sight.

Ingrate, spiteful , contemptuous lot,

ganged up to waste me by night.

Robbed me, broke me inside out.

dumped me on ‘Sheimon’s’ bight 

Nature must have joined their crew

Shunned my cry, wept on me.

Mercilessly, blinded my poor sight.

Poured so hard, mocked my pitiful plight.

How broken can a broken soul be

For them to leave to rest in pieces. 




I was assured it was going to last a life time.  Regular servicing was all it needed.

Maybe I did. Maybe I did not…It broke down mid year when it was most needed. I lost the manual and I ran out of oil so I made a call to the manufacturer but I got no reply because I dialed the wrong number. How could I have been so silly? No manual, no oil and no number!

I decided to take a trip to their warehouse but I needed the engine to make the trip, my faulty engine. I wished I could get it fix. I remembered my nosy neighbor once said  that the ‘everywhere man’ can fix everything. (My nosy neighbor talks funny but she seemed to be always right).

I have heard so much about the everywhere man but never have I seen him. I would not have recognize him if he stood in front of me. I wondered where the‘everywhere man’ could be.”Finding him could save me travelling above to the manufacturer”, I thought.

Five hundred thousand miles away from home. Lost. Tired. Lonely. Broken. Thirsty and dead. Super dead. I laid my head on a solid rock, closed my eyes wished them never to open again. Suddenly, the irregular beat began, so did the pounding. I began to convulse, I hit my head hard on the solid rock but my skull refused to crack open but the engine in my chest vibrated violently that I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. “It was all going to end right here”, I thought to my dying self. I was dead to me. Very dead. “No one is ever going to find me here. No one. What a lonely way to die”, I thought.

Little did I know that my nosy neighbor was spying on me? She saw me sneak out of my house that fateful night. She went in search of the ‘everywhere man’ and She spoke to him on my behalf.

That everywhere man did a good job fixing it. He did unclog my engine and made it as new. He gave me all I needed to service it regularly- the Manufacturer’s manual, number and the engine oil. He did take me home too.  I never knew my nosy neighbor could be that useful to me. Thanks to her nosiness, I got it working again and I got to meet the everywhere man.



(learning process, bear with me).






My angelic devil sent to taunt me

With this bitter sweet romance;

You humbly pride yourself in my conquest

I made myself an easy prey.

I hate that I love you so!

Your gentle fury turns me on,

Your piquant wit, my undoing

The caress of your deceitful truth

Fans the embers of my undying affection;

I die each day to live for you

In this hell of a paradise;

You are the end to my beginning,

Your poisonous love, a cure for my withering heart;

Quench my thirst with your flame of love

In you, I want to be found forever lost.





 my dark angel, my perfect game

Your darkness glows like the morning sun

Let me swim the pool of your eyes

Feed me; fill me with your honeyed words

I hunger for a taste of the fountain of your lips

Oh how I hate that I want you so!

This blessed curse of longing for you

This soothing ache of needing you;

You smile, and the shadow lifts

Your laugh is like the gurgling of the water brooks

Your frown ushers in winter, my heart freezes;

Oh I hate what you do to me!

Your beauty is to die for

I am your willing slave,

A prisoner of love forever shackled to you.

Hug me


This heart needs a hug
a warm embrace
To ease the pain
This heart does need a hug


Upon the clouded hill
stood a lamppost new
shining brightly,
calming the treacherous night
Its brilliance
caught her sight
Her weary heart gained strenght,
temporary relief from her plight
The tempestuous wind
thunderously slapped around
Tossing her left and right
as she clambered the summit.
Unwavering, stood the sprite,
the lamp upon the hill.

Love me for me.

I got lost in the crowd.
I lost me in the hustle and bustle.
I tried to find my way home.
But the familiar landmarks
Were no where near.

I tried to blend in with the crowd.
I tried to learn their ways.
Soon I lost touch with me.
I did not fit in well
Twas obvious every one could see.

It hurts so much, I must say
Being neither here nor there.
It hurts more not being me,
Not knowing where I belong
Not finding my way home.

I forgot I was made differently
Fashioned to be weird unique
I was never made to conform.
I was made to stand out
In my complicated simplicity.

Don’t try to shape me
Don’t even try at all
Just love me for me, l pray thee
Do let me find my voice
Do let my pen speak forth.


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