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Lately, I dread the the call of dusk

‘cos night times are so unpleasant 

Those scary monsters come out to play

Invading my mind,

Sucking at my brain,

flossing their teeth with my locks.

Sticking their bloody fangs in my veins

Bloody blood suckers,

they want me dead

so that they can munch at my heart.

My eyes rotate helplessly in their sockets,

trying to manipulate the gruesome visions.

Mean! Mean! Monsters.

Cowards they are, lurking in the dark,

preying on an helpless insomniac like me.

Insomniac pleading for just an hour!

An hour to experience Sweet dreams.




    Photo: AmityPhoto: Amity

She rises gracefully, 

peeps through the gloomy clouds,

kisses the face of her beloved.

A daily ritual, meted out religiously.

Beads of words string together

in the mind of her beloved,

Unwilling they flow through her pen,

Hopefully, to be embraced by all.

Once again their job is done.

Tomorrow they shall rise again

Hopeful, higher grounds, they shall gain

As they toil together in their separate ways.

Soul match

You name sits permanently on my lips

Your thought is engraved on my mind

My heart dances at the sight of you

These silly collywobbles won’t let my tummy rest

Yet, I will not claim your love

for your soul does not match my soul.

I see the desire in your eyes

You give your all,

You break the walls to let me in.

Still I cannot return your love

For this heart of mine long to beat for another.

Do not wait. Do not hope.

This soul of mine won’t settle for less.

swan song

Every step
Draws me closer
To you.
The closer I get
The farther it seem.
The hollow deepens
You become a mirage
Varnishing scent
An apparition.
Let me hold you this last time.


Hug me


This heart needs a hug
a warm embrace
To ease the pain
This heart does need a hug


Upon the clouded hill
stood a lamppost new
shining brightly,
calming the treacherous night
Its brilliance
caught her sight
Her weary heart gained strenght,
temporary relief from her plight
The tempestuous wind
thunderously slapped around
Tossing her left and right
as she clambered the summit.
Unwavering, stood the sprite,
the lamp upon the hill.



You are a part of me

My essence, all of me.

I revel in your beaming smile

Like a nice crescent moon.

Basking in the radiance of your honor,

Fills me up with grace, till I’m graced.

We are one, our force is more than one

Collective chances is in our favor.

Focused, we will stand together and claim them.

Patiently, we will bestride that horse

And gallop all the way to victory.

Nudge my strength to stay focused,

I will preen your honour with pride.

Together with love

We can weather this storm.

– Olufemi Oladotun


The visitor knocks, mind mode shuts.
Darkness cheers, emptiness purrs.

Quizzed on questions of yesterday,
Puzzled with problems of today.

Baffled by solutions of tomorrow,
Absolved over cases of another morrow.

There are enough ripples
To cause disquiet to life.

Seconds held in freeze,
Rife moments left to breeze.



Sweet Relief


Another selfie


This is not another selfie
it is a selfie of her heart
the flame of love consumed

You broke down her shield,
Set her heart on fire
Then left her in a limbo

This is not another selfie
It is a selfie of her soul
Reduced to shreds by your silence.

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