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Sad cloud

Assignment five #writing201

prompt: fog
Today’s form: elegy(elegiac couplets)
Today’s device: metaphor


The sun blinked as the dark cloud rudely

crossed her path.


The birds took flight to their nest and the squirrels scampered

to their hiding the place.


 The cloud spared no thought   for the wandering man under the oak tree

who had nowhere to run.


Her tears rolled  down, for her heart mourned

 the loss of the fallen stars.


 The man under the oak tree could not understand;

his foggy mind hoping Noah’s ark would come


to take him to safety, from the sad cloud whose teardrops

threatened to ruin his rest.


*dedicated to the wanderers and homeless *


Lonely howl

Writing201 assignment four. Very challenging to pull off for lack of formatting tool.
Today’s device: enjambment
Today’s form: concrete poetry
Today’s prompt: animals



I heard your  lonely howl

 from      a ‘wood-stone-through’.

your thought screaming

to be heard

You wondering, “who knows?”

Now you know           I know ‘cos the

Moon whispered it to me.

I do know ‘she’ that stole
your heart
I heed your cry;             I ‘ll get you home

The wood is for wolves,

Lonely wolf like you

‘Dreamland’ might be the place you seek

There your damsel awaits your return.

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