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I will


I will love you
I will  love you  always
Like you are mine
You will be mine
With all of me
Every moment
I will adore you
I will let you play in my thoughts
Only you will occupy my thoughts
I will make up silly thoughts about you
I will  dream  of  you
I will create lovely dreams about you.
In those dreams
I will dance with you in the rain
and  I will  kiss you
When I pick up my pen
I will write to you
Sweet words
truthful  words
will  I write  about you
I will Scribble your name on paper
I will draw you
Paint you
Make sculptures of you
Tattoo your name on my  skin
Even on my heart’s tablet will your name be engraved
I will sing to you
Sing for you
Sing about you
I will smile 
I will smile  always
Because  your name will pop up in my mind
every time I think happy  thoughts
I will let you into my world
My world will be built for you
I will love you
I will make you mine
In my mind
Without  your knowledge.





Wild rose, woodsy, musky
All meshed  in one.
This fragrance reminds me of him.
Smells stronger than the pheromones he emits.
Soft sillage, waft subtly 
engulfing my essence
As he gallops across my mind
(He does that always)
This fragrance reminds me of our first kiss 
The breathtaking  one we had in my mind
it’s not like I had ever met him in person.
I bet he’ll smell like this when we eventually  meet.

– Amity4

 Just say NO

I found this beautifully penned words on twitter.

I fell in love with the writing and the message instantly.

Sure ,  I’ld never keep this to myself:

Oreoluwade blogs here:

Hug me


This heart needs a hug
a warm embrace
To ease the pain
This heart does need a hug



Romans 8:1 “therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus…”

Sweet Relief




This is for all the poets

Thanks for sharing your beautiful works.

Keep the fire burning.

Poetry is not dead👌



Some days are so quiet 

You hear your blood 

Flowing through 

Your viens. 



New morning

hope alive

New life

Grateful heart.

Beauty in the wild


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