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 Just say NO

I found this beautifully penned words on twitter.

I fell in love with the writing and the message instantly.

Sure ,  I’ld never keep this to myself:

Oreoluwade blogs here:


Indeed a Miracle


I made beats out of the splattering rain.
I thought I’d see the air,
If I’ll never see you again.
Worse still;
This panting breath
Made my heart beat like a ceaseless drum.
I was sitting right here;
and a moment wrong there.
Saved by your touch,
I finally found in you a miracle.

– Olufemi Oladotun.

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Why would I be sold another poison?

When the world’s morals has gone toxic

This impure heart bleeds bad blood.

Does it never approve of a purified healing?


The sewage is over filled

An outrageous impunity, a classic stench.

Weighing in on the tensile strength

Colossal breaking point is inevitable.


Is this the way of the world

That decadence should breed more decadence?

Is this the approved standard

That senility should breed bad habits?


This poison does not cure,

it kills

I refuse to be sold

Even if I was never told.


– Olufemi Oladotun



Lazily lay the hazy sky above

Swingy singing the suspended air below.

A night which calmness eludes

As lights jab every buckling joints.

Converged sheets of sparkles and dust rise,

Strips the night, coloring every dark side.

It reveals the jigsaw of life; unfixed

Mixed expressions, sweeping impressions.

Impending surprises, ploughing reactions.

Olufemi Oladotun.



You are a part of me

My essence, all of me.

I revel in your beaming smile

Like a nice crescent moon.

Basking in the radiance of your honor,

Fills me up with grace, till I’m graced.

We are one, our force is more than one

Collective chances is in our favor.

Focused, we will stand together and claim them.

Patiently, we will bestride that horse

And gallop all the way to victory.

Nudge my strength to stay focused,

I will preen your honour with pride.

Together with love

We can weather this storm.

– Olufemi Oladotun


As the day gradually wind out,

Just like yesterday and yesteryears

I wonder where the days leisurely go.

All set to usher in a new day,

It amazes me where they do come from.


As I see the sun rise from a clear horizon,

Maybe the world of a new day is without omission.

It crawls in in the midnight embracing the dawn

A beautiful morning is launched.


Should love easily evolve like the day,

I will ponder from where it comes from.

And should it sublime unlike hatred,

I will be dazed by untrue revelations.

But I know where my heart belong.

Decisions just left that home.


– Olufemi Oladotun




We were innocently young,

And thought everything was fun.

Dining with the devil was normal

For him to avoid us was abnormal.

These scars are enough proof.

We are grey and older now.

Evil we contest, the good we hardly detest.

A swell time for death to have fun, we found it sour.

We coil and spring to our heels.

He bargained with the dust.

In reality, it is completely lost.

Lending its filthy hands to digest devoured preys,

We increase our pace and pray.

No waiting whenever we hear the ground thunder

We know that familiar sound; it just belched.

Another soul did satisfy his appetite.

We cannot be forever young,

But we can be forever grateful we were once young.

To me, that is the cheerful sound of a gong.

– Olufemi Oladotun.


Once I listened to the rhythm of nature,

It was a beautiful call.

Today, it dances to a different music.

It is the devil’s Waltz.


A giant swish, sickening boisterous whistle.

Torrents of swirling madness, an insane sink hole.

Sucking in, churning mass of debris.


Could this be once a while Tango?

No it is no mean Mambo.

Eerie swish sounds like mumbo jumbo.


A Muezzin clung to a Minaret,

Prayers summoned for himself.

A shepherd braced his faith,

Oblivious to the wild bleats of his sheep.

One for oneself, all for nothing!


What have we done?

Nature was held in disdain, a trillion times more

It responded in disgust, few seconds left to gore.


This is just one

Did water not come to explore?

When finally the revenge is done,

Martyrs would be made out of no one.

Is anybody alive?

Can someone hear me?

Written by Oladotun Olufemi


The visitor knocks, mind mode shuts.
Darkness cheers, emptiness purrs.

Quizzed on questions of yesterday,
Puzzled with problems of today.

Baffled by solutions of tomorrow,
Absolved over cases of another morrow.

There are enough ripples
To cause disquiet to life.

Seconds held in freeze,
Rife moments left to breeze.




Wishes tickle the will of man.

Time propels him to shunt plans.

Second thought taught to warn

Shrugging it off, he clears his barn.


At first, the thought may glitter.

On second thought, his wish may clatter.

In short the dream could shatter,

Had his will married a slumber.


Wise enough to claim a star lest it fall?

Nor a full moon should it wane?

Pursuit of wealth, a fool’s only goal.

Material riches are only temporary,

Harsh reality with a super miss.


Olufemi Oladotun

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