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When I say I miss you…

when I say “I miss you”,

I mean 

I miss your smile

I miss the things you say 

I miss how you say them

I miss the twinkle in your eyes when you say them

I miss your touch

I miss the softness  of your  palm when they rub against  my skin

I miss those cuddles and

I miss the kisses

I miss a walk down  the park.

I miss your laugh

I miss your silence 

I miss the joy you bring

I miss everything  about you

I miss us.

When I say “I miss you”,

I mean

You’re like the wind,

A friend, even if eyes cannot see,

When you’re not ‘here’,

Trust me, you’re sorely missed,

Laughter, gist and moral support,

Implicit trust in my play with words,

And the privilege of vision,

Views of places across the ocean.

I know you care,

And that’s why I cannot breathe,

When you’re not here,

It’s like there’s no air.

When I say “I miss you”, 

I mean

I miss something we did in the past, 

somewhere we used to be, 

something we talked about.

I mean 

I miss the virtual  kisses

And our our stroll through Neverland

Even the evening strolls in the dusty 

village track roads .

I miss the chuckles under the sheets 

and Singing to The Sound of Silence, 

imagining we were on stage with 

Garfunkel, and watching 20,000 

screaming fans at Madison Square.

I miss the pictures  I took

The one that bore through and

captures your smiles, strengths and 

I miss the sound of dried leaves, the 

sound they made when we made 



When I say “I miss you”,

 I usually mean I cannot feel 

the connection with the you as much

 as I normally do.

 We need to reconnect and revive it.

 I need to feel the you no matter how 

far you are. 





My angelic devil sent to taunt me

With this bitter sweet romance;

You humbly pride yourself in my conquest

I made myself an easy prey.

I hate that I love you so!

Your gentle fury turns me on,

Your piquant wit, my undoing

The caress of your deceitful truth

Fans the embers of my undying affection;

I die each day to live for you

In this hell of a paradise;

You are the end to my beginning,

Your poisonous love, a cure for my withering heart;

Quench my thirst with your flame of love

In you, I want to be found forever lost.





 my dark angel, my perfect game

Your darkness glows like the morning sun

Let me swim the pool of your eyes

Feed me; fill me with your honeyed words

I hunger for a taste of the fountain of your lips

Oh how I hate that I want you so!

This blessed curse of longing for you

This soothing ache of needing you;

You smile, and the shadow lifts

Your laugh is like the gurgling of the water brooks

Your frown ushers in winter, my heart freezes;

Oh I hate what you do to me!

Your beauty is to die for

I am your willing slave,

A prisoner of love forever shackled to you.

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