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The Effects of Compassionate Action of Society

Compassion is one of the core value of the nursing profession and the reason is not far fetched. You can find out why is this beautiful post by erikakind.
Do have a lovely mid- week😉

Erika Kind

Today I turn to a topic given by our wonderful artist Robert Goldstein.Robert is living with Inside Dissociative Identity Disorder. What made me follow him? The way he deals with it. He is aware of his disease and he knows exactly how to handle it although it often is a big challenge. This makes him a speaker for people with the same or other mental or physical diseases. He spreads information and awareness and stands up for the social acceptance that any physical or mental limitation also is part of life and that those people too have the right to live life to the fullest. They simply live it differently due to different needs.

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Woman, Who You Are!

…so I stumbled upon this beautifully crafted inspiring post and I hope someone out here get inspired by it. 😉

Straight From The Heart

So, the other day I received this mightily inspirational piece via video; from my sweetest mum! She knows just how much I fancy those kinda materials, being a self-proclaimed cheerleader myself! God bless your sweet heart Mummy Dearest! Love you now and for always, you do float ma boat and rock ma world like no tomorrow….endlessly!

While still on the issue of Mothers, I’d love to seize this very rare opportunity to reach out to my friend and brother, Dr Temitope Ogundare; whose Precious Mum gets to be a year sweeter in a bit, on the occasion of her birthday!  P-A-R-T-A-Y!!!

Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, Sweet Mother and more glorious years in great health and wealth of mind, body and soul! May the Good Lord cause for you to reap the fruits of your labour of love upon all of your offsprings, and may you be called ‘Blessed’, for the rest of your days on God’s Green Earth In Jesus’ Mighty Name…

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‘Freedom Uncertain’


The colourful rainbow washed out

The tunnel snaked on

Diminishing any sign of light.

We were betrayed by our brothers

Not our enemies, but our blood brothers.

Bad fate brought on our kinsmen,

Now we have less fate.

On and on we wander.

Our homes gone, our dignity torn.

Even animals have territories.

Did we not give it all up to insanity?

Unsure of a future,

Our furures’ future stare at us blindly with questions.

But not every question deserve an answer;

An immediate deniable solace.

We once dined like kings

We enjoyed like Queens.

Now we are refugees; moving drones.

Rejected by beings,

Walls of prejudice erected to fence us off.

We must pass through the eyes of the storm,

To get to ‘Freedom Uncertain’.

Forced by the devil to walk on the tempest sea;

Our faith bent to fail

In the eyes of the engulfing monster.

-Olufemi Oladotun.

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Don’t wait up

The Z Channel

Words are cheap,

A dime a dozen

Don’t let your heart stay frozen

Mourning a mirage

Don’t wait up,

Love isn’t coming that way.

Affections are transient,

They vary with the season

Quit giving yourself reasons

To hold on to shadows

Don’t wait up

Love isn’t coming that way.

Feelings definitely do fade

Nothing was meant to last forever

That person you believe you belong together

Sometimes isn’t committed to sticking with you

Don’t wait up

Love isn’t coming that way again.

So what do you do with all the love?

Barn-ful of feelings reserved just for the one

Hours of labour spent cultivating the magic

Is love really this tragic?

Not at all, but life sometimes deals hard blows

Don’t wait up

Love isn’t coming that way again.

Take the love that you possess

Hold it dear, cherish them

Let it be the blanket to keep you warm


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Still Breathing



image from:

Gazing at those brown eyes,

all I see is a shadow of you.

Those eyes speak deceitful sparkle;

a dearth of love.

Looking at those lips move,

all I hear is a rush of wind;

a ghost piping sound;

Those lips gush gibberish,

deafening in its essence.

Telling a tale of friendship locked in the ‘past

by  “DIATHEKE”  ,

flowing to ‘forever

but ‘now‘ non existence.

Overwhelming darkness,

silencing the hearts that fed its permanence,

Relegated to the shadow where they once belong.

Deep beneath the flowing waters,

lies the key that binds our souls.

(Diatheke : covenant )

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A Piece of Heart Redefined.


This trembling passion is surreal.
As desire burns,
Let it burn slowly like a coal gently torching the unburned.
If affection bursts,
Let the hearts be filled with smithereens of love.
As love grows,
Let the roots entwine to make it strong.
When grace hold,
Let it lace love up to form a long chain of life.

– Olufemi Oladotun

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