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I didn’t know the true power of words until I read his, I mean yours
It’s like each word formed a new era of thought
Your words came to me as sunny days
When there was none
You words made me feel hot and cold at the same damn time
I ran temperature and Had goosebumps
If you don’t mind
I want my words and yours to meet somewhere locked
I want them to become friends
Mix and match and maybe fall in love
May be they’ll lend
A heart to someone in need of one
Maybe they’ll make people fall apart
How dangerous it’ll be, love
The true impact of words brought to life
By pen and paper or
Finger and keypad
Or just the instrument of speech it doesn’t matter
With our thoughts carefully placed in the glass encasing hands of our words I believe we

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Lately, I dread the the call of dusk

‘cos night times are so unpleasant 

Those scary monsters come out to play

Invading my mind,

Sucking at my brain,

flossing their teeth with my locks.

Sticking their bloody fangs in my veins

Bloody blood suckers,

they want me dead

so that they can munch at my heart.

My eyes rotate helplessly in their sockets,

trying to manipulate the gruesome visions.

Mean! Mean! Monsters.

Cowards they are, lurking in the dark,

preying on an helpless insomniac like me.

Insomniac pleading for just an hour!

An hour to experience Sweet dreams.

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