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LIVING IN NEVERLAND blog Affair (episode 2)


HUGO has just finished typing on his laptop. He is about to

send when he gets a call.

He checks the caller – Anna.

He answers.


(listens for a while)



Okay. Coming.

Hugo closes his laptop and walks off.


ANNA sits quietly on the bench.

Hugo walks over to her.


Three weeks.


Yep. And now I finally have



That’s nothing. What happened?


What do you mean by what happened?


Why have you chosen to write about her?


What wrong with writing about her?


your follower…they have read and loved

everything you have written and posted every week for

two years now.have you… did you give them a thought

when you decided to write about her?

you are the guy who has written

about Asa and Nneka and Nse and

Leila and the Asian girl in Girls

in the Hood… now you chose to writes about a

controversial self proclaimed celebrity with a stripping past?


Did you understand the angle I WROTE the piece from?


the angle is stil no justification in my opinion.


It won’t hurt anyone.


JK wrote a book and that didn’t

hurt anyone.


She made love to so many wizards

for so many nights. She too was a

bad girl.

(Anna stares at him for a while.)


You can’t post it.


(sighs, looks at Anna


I’ve been lost for a while. Her

blog helped me find myself. Let’s

forget about her stripping past and

focus on who she is now.


I need this. I’m like Gil Pender.

I need to walk in the rain


Anna looks at him quietly for a while.


What about your readers?


I hope they understand.



you should Follow some of them esppecially the regular ones,

 Get personal and know what they’ll think about



I’ll do that, Anna.thank you.

Anna kisses him on the cheek.


Be a good boy, Hugo. Anna cares.


written by Jaywriterug




LIVING IN NEVER-LAND: Blog affair (episode 1)

 This is not poetry. It is drama. It is not a typical drama .

It  is an experimental piece, WRITTEN FOR FUN AND FOR LOVE OF WRITING.

I  do hope you enjoy it. I will surely like to know your thoughts. 

Amity and Jaywriterug will be taking turns to write the  few episodes. 

Thank you.





 It’s a rainy day . Kingston

 Clare sits on a couch with a mug of hot chocolate clutched

tightly in her palms.

 She stares as the rain drops makes pitter-patter on the


 After a while, she turns her attention back to her blank

computer screen.  She refreshes it but still there was nothing new.


  CLARE (V.O.)

There has been no new post for about  three weeks now. It is unlike him.
(She stands up from the couch and moves towards the window, still

clutching her mug of chocolate.  She drifts to Neverland.)



Why don’t you DM him on Twitter?



Hmmmm… No. I’m not that desperate. Moreover, he does not

  follow me.


JOHN (moves closer to her)

But you are desperate Clare! Look at you, you look as though your man

 has abandoned you for months. Get a grip and do what you do best.
 CLARE (without shifting her gaze from the falling rain)

What do I do best John, what do I do best?



You, Clare built neverland out of nothing!

That isn’t real!

Is he real?
 CLARE (turns to face John)

Are you?
 JOHN  (looks away)

But I love you.

You don’t write.

 ( She turns her attention back to the rain.)



He stopped writing too. Can’t you  see?

( Clare moves back to the couch.)



He hasn’t.

(clicks on laptop screen)

 He must be busy… Or maybe… There must be an explanation for

 his absence.
JOHN (sits beside her)

 Do you think he notices you?



 He does reply my comments.



 He does that with all his readers.


  CLARE (sighs)

 Are you going to help or not?

I love you Clare.



 I will tweet at him.



I will wait. I am patient.



You can start a blog while you  wait.

Pale Blue Eyes plays in the Background


 JOHN (kisses her lightly on her forehead)

You will love me someday.

 ( He walks away.)

INT. Clare’s room.
Clare types briskly on her laptop, pauses to read through,

then clicks ‘enter’.



(She is about to sign out when the notification icon flashes.

Quickly, she opens it.)


to be continued…




 Tunde :  a screenwriter who lost his flair for writing .

Muse: an imaginary girl  who tries to help him get back to writing .


[TUNDE sips from a glass of palm wine. Then he types on a typewriter. He read through and rumples the sheet of paper. There are about 50 rumpled sheets of papers. He inserts another paper. He types again and repeats the same thing.
His Invisible Muse picks one of the rumpled sheets and reads it silently (Written on it is just a scene heading and the first line of action.) she smiles and nods to herself.]

MUSE: You can’t get anything done like this.
(Tunde hurriedly puts another paper and tries to type again but same thing happens. He hits his hand angrily on the typewriter. He continues repeating the action. His Muse talks on.)
MUSE: You can’t get stuck here… the forest, your grandmother’s bamboo bed, your grandfather’s typewriter…You can’t write anything unless you move away from here…
Don’t you want to leave here? You realize if you waste any more time, you won’t meet up with the deadline?
(Tunde stops trying and buries his head in his palms, sobbing. Muse gets up and walks over to Tunde. She touches him on the cheek gently.)
MUSE: You are not a painter; I would have stripped so you’ll paint me naked. (She sits beside him.) Or do you want to ‘write’ me naked? Will it inspire you?

TUNDE: (with head still buried in palms) you are not that attractive. (He looks at Muse for a while. Still not interested, stands up and walks away).
MUSE: Zoe Kazan! She threw her grandfather’s typewriter into the ocean. You are the only one left.
(After some moments of silence, Tunde walks away slowly.)
TUNDE: (almost crying) I can’t do this anymore.
MUSE: Lights will guide you home… And you will try… (Tunde closes her mouth with his palm).
TUNDE: I can’t fix it. It’s stupid of me to keep trying. I can’t. I’m tired. I’m sorry.
(Tunde leaves his typewriter and an old camera. He kisses her forehead and leaves).


written by :John Ugoji and Chinyere Akalugwu

The photographers


JANET ( in her 20’s) taking pictures of morning birds.

MIKE (in his mid 30’s) also taking pictures of birds, calls out to her…

MIKE: Wife.
(Janet ignores Mike’s voice)
MIKE :Wife!

(Janet turns)
JANET: Are you talking to me?

MIKE: I am actually talking to the bird
you captured on camera.

JANET: (laughingvery funny.
(Continues taking pictures. Then stops…)
errmm, why did you just call me your
MIKE: (grinning)Because we are soul mates.

JANET:(confuseHow do you mean?

MIKE: You see… we seem to like the same things,
We take pictures every morning,

We love the same kind of movies,

We even complete each others sentences.

Does that not make us a soul in two bodies?

JANET: You are crazy.
( returns to taking pictures)

MIKE:(looking serious now)I’m serious.

JANET: Get out.

MIKE:I’m serious!

JANET:(angry) Get out!

(Mike takes a picture of her angry)

JANET: Why did you do that?

MIKE: (smiling)Because I want to keep it as a
reminder of our first date. Thanks.
(Mike turns to leave)

JANET: Wait… You said we love the same
kind of movies, what kind of
movies are they?

MIKE: The Great Gatsby.

JANET: That’s a perfect guess.

MIKE: Blue Jasmine.

JANET:(surprise) Another perfect guess.

MIKE: The notebook.

JANET:(laughing) You own a crystal ball, right?

MIKE ( smiling) Sure…and a voodoo doll too that
can make you fall in love with me.
I also got other magic tricks to
make you do stuff.

JANET: ( looks at him intensely) Hmmmm…  Use some of your
magic on me. Make me do stuff.

(Mike thinks for a while)
MIKE: Imitation Game, this evening at the
city cinema.

(Janet feign  thinking too)
JANET: I pass on that. Your magic is expired.

(Mike takes one more picture of Janet then turns and walks away)

JANET : I’ll be at the 4pm showing. It’s a
MIKE: I still got the magic stick.
Mike leaves.
Janet (smiles then takes another picture)


Written by Jay.
He describes himself as an aspiring  film maker and screenwriter, lovers of movies, old school music and anything arts generally.

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