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When I say I miss you…

when I say “I miss you”,

I mean 

I miss your smile

I miss the things you say 

I miss how you say them

I miss the twinkle in your eyes when you say them

I miss your touch

I miss the softness  of your  palm when they rub against  my skin

I miss those cuddles and

I miss the kisses

I miss a walk down  the park.

I miss your laugh

I miss your silence 

I miss the joy you bring

I miss everything  about you

I miss us.

When I say “I miss you”,

I mean

You’re like the wind,

A friend, even if eyes cannot see,

When you’re not ‘here’,

Trust me, you’re sorely missed,

Laughter, gist and moral support,

Implicit trust in my play with words,

And the privilege of vision,

Views of places across the ocean.

I know you care,

And that’s why I cannot breathe,

When you’re not here,

It’s like there’s no air.

When I say “I miss you”, 

I mean

I miss something we did in the past, 

somewhere we used to be, 

something we talked about.

I mean 

I miss the virtual  kisses

And our our stroll through Neverland

Even the evening strolls in the dusty 

village track roads .

I miss the chuckles under the sheets 

and Singing to The Sound of Silence, 

imagining we were on stage with 

Garfunkel, and watching 20,000 

screaming fans at Madison Square.

I miss the pictures  I took

The one that bore through and

captures your smiles, strengths and 

I miss the sound of dried leaves, the 

sound they made when we made 



When I say “I miss you”,

 I usually mean I cannot feel 

the connection with the you as much

 as I normally do.

 We need to reconnect and revive it.

 I need to feel the you no matter how 

far you are. 



Gazing at those brown eyes,

all I see is a shadow of you.

Those eyes speak deceitful sparkle;

a dearth of love.

Looking at those lips move,

all I hear is a rush of wind;

a ghost piping sound;

Those lips gush gibberish,

deafening in its essence.

Telling a tale of friendship locked in the ‘past

by  “DIATHEKE”  ,

flowing to ‘forever

but ‘now‘ non existence.

Overwhelming darkness,

silencing the hearts that fed its permanence,

Relegated to the shadow where they once belong.

Deep beneath the flowing waters,

lies the key that binds our souls.

(Diatheke : covenant )  

Aubade to Aurora




picture by Amity

picture by Amity

I wait earnestly for the break of dawn

‘Cos I know she rises early these days

Radiant beauty, glimmering on the sea

Even the moon cowers in awe of her effulgence.


I lost the moon to her at  break of dawn

And the stars to her  luminosity.

When the moon died, I silently mourned

I lost my mind, I lost it all.


In my despair, she found me

Her gentle smile was comforting

Her warm embrace worth living for.


She is a  ray of hope, joy to behold

For her, I ‘ll die no more

I choose to live

I live.

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