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For the best

It is will be a distant memory
What we shared,
what we loved,
you and I.

All will be gone
with each passing day;
One summer after another,
one winter after another.
All will be but faint memories…

I am happier now,
I can’t complain.
Life has been fair,
this is true.

Although now and then memories of you flood my mind.
It does hurt I must confess.

Here I am
all alone in the park,
‘our park’.
Sitting on bench,
‘our bench’.

The autumn breeze slapping gently on my skin,
As I Watch the ducks scramble to be fed by passers by.
We fed them too-
You and I,
We had fun doing so.

I see the swans,
Your favourite swans
floating graceful on the lake,
‘our lake’.
You did name one after me.

When the sun shines,
it reminds me of our walk
though this park,
‘Our park’.
Hand in hand ,
side by side –
You and I
in our little world.

You talked so sweet,
made me laugh,
Your sweet smile
Healing as it were…
Yes! You had such effect on me.

I never had thought
a day like this would come
When I,
would all by myself, sit on this bench. ‘Our bench’,
In this park,
‘Our park’.

Looking back I smile to myself
What sweet memories….
I do wonder
what life would have been if we were….
Maybe it is for the best
We had to part ways
You and I.

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I used to be in that picture frame
But the picture didn’t look right
So I walked me out
Into another frame
This time a perfect frame.

The Calling


I enter the room and there is silence.
I cannot decipher it’s size as the atmosphere is absent of light as it is of sound.
It seems as if the heat that previously situated itself in this room has also joined company with light and sound.


I alert my brain to move, but my limbs refuse to obey. It was as if an invisible weight was shackled to my ankles and handcuffs to my wrists.

“Why can’t I move? ” I rhetorically mumble to myself. Not expecting to expect anything. Grateful that I still had my tongue even though the darkness robbed my sight and fear my movement.

“Release your burdens child.” A voice beamed from every corner of the room. The majestic melody raised every hair he made on my body. My soul located his Holy Presence as if I and My King were opposite ends of a magnet.

“ABBA?” I cried and there he was! Standing, waiting. Mightily high but humbly so. A face I could recognise but did not see.

“Child. Take my word and disperse it as seeds amongst all you meet. So that they grow into trees and harvest even more. Take your burden and give it to my only begotten son. Home awaits when your journey is complete.” Tears streaming from my eyes spilled onto my cheeks as I absorb my Heavenly Father’s words.
Hands from behind me touched my shoulders and removed the heavy load I had on my back. With great relief I turned around to face my Saviour. His feet bare and clothed in plain white robes. He smiles at me. He kissed my cheek and collected my tears in a vile.
“Jesus! I am a sinner not worthy of your affection and love. Forgive me please. I am so sorry.” I wept at his feet. Jesus raised me up and pointed towards another part of the room. I look. I see a wooden cross.
“My love for you will keep you strong.” The Lord gently says. And then the room transforms. Plants and fruits of numerous types were blossoming into new seed.
I then heard “Go my child. And sow fields and plant vineyards, And gather a fruitful harvest. Be strong and of Good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave nor forsake you ”

Written by Kadeen

( Kadeen loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy. She likes to sing and her favorite color is yellow :))

Unknown Game

A group of people in an unknown circle playing an unknown game.
Dancing and laughing and eagerly embracing spirits to drive them insane.

They know not what they do, and not what they say, but pleasures they blindly appease.
Ignoring the rules of his treacherous play for carnal desires with ease.

He leads their minds and twists their hearts, malicious with his intent.
Filling them up with false love and god’s that temporarily make them content.

Fire he breathes and swords he eats with his unlimited cup of death.
War are his garments, sin are his eyes that he pierces them fiercely with.

The day is retreating and light is now gone, instead the Shadows arise.
The players of game are now weary and scared for darkness they strongly despise.

They decide to leave their doom bound circle but satan will never allow.
They gave him their flesh by sacrificing soul, so by law they belong to him now.

They cry to God and ask God for mercy but no response do they feel.
The Holy Ghost was rejected by them, allowing demons their spirit to steal.

The game had its rules which was read to them all but they were just hard to hear.
And now that the ultimate price has been asked, only now they are fully aware.

The molten ash and intense heat from the endless pit down below.
Calls them home to burning anguish so torment they will surely know.

If they understood that their body and flesh was not a permanent loan.
They would exhault our Lord in mind and spirit, eternal peace they would have known.

But they let the enemy consume their vessel with no regret or remorse.
God showed them the light but they turned away from him dancing on Lucifer’s course.

We are in a circle in an unknown game, so tell me, what should we do?
Walk away from their carnal desires, ask Jesus to make us anew.

Written by Kadeen

( Kadeen loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy. She likes to sing and her favorite color is yellow :))


I stopped growing

I knew it not

‘Cos like the flower pot

on the window sill

was I placed ;

as tall as a tree,

felt I,

till my reflection

saw I

On the window,

A Gaping

At my foolishness.

Then realised I my delusion.

I stopped moving

But I knew it not

‘Cos like a child

on a merry-go-round

Sat I

moving fast

felt I.

Till around me saw.

Then realised I

That nowhere was I

But where I Was

all the while.

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Broken vessel…


I hid in the shadow

Overwhelmed by guilt.

I had broken my own heart

Over again.

Two hearts have I broken

Mine and His.

He, who loves me so.

The feeling of guilt vowed to

destroy my fragile being


I tasted it.


I ate the whole lot.


Now, bitter to swallow

I should have known better

Stolen waters are sweet.

Oh! I am crushed

I, who was once precious

vessel in the potter’s hand

Now broken and shattered into pieces…

Who can fix me?


You hid in the shadow

Feeling of guilt

Ravaging your being,

Killing you one moment at a time


Yes, You could not resist it

Your desire consumed you

You tasted its succulence with relish

‘Sweet’ you thought

Damning the consequences

You ate the whole lot.

You should have known better…

I heard your lonely cry from the

shadow where you hid

screaming silently to be heard.

You wondering, “who can fix me”?

I heard your inner voice saying,

“I can’t face the potter this way”.

My heart raced and leapt for joy

My precious wants to be fixed!

He realized his folly…

two hearts has he broken…

I can fix you!

I will fix you.


I broke down and cried

It had always been about me

I never thought for once how

Much I hurt the One I love

I wept.

For you overlooked my folly

You made me beautiful again

Why do you love me so?


I come out of my hiding place

falling on my face

Before You who made me

whole again.

*Written by Amity and Topazo.


Maybe I love you

Maybe I don’t

Maybe I care

Just a little too much

Maybe I just want you to

Show me you care

Maybe I want you to

love me as much as

I love you

Maybe I am just a dreamer


Way home 2

There’s a struggle in my soul guys, a battle and a war.
I’m losing and I’m winning and I can’t take it no more.
My mind is going frantic and I cannot comprehend
My right from wrong my good from bad what’s new and what’s the end.

I’m sinking in the deep guys, with sinful thoughts I drown.
I fall and fall and break my heart and suffer with no sound.
He’s left me all alone guys to die here with this pain.

I can’t believe my living God has left me with my shame.
But little do you all know, that God will never leave.
He waits and waits for you and I to ask him for our needs.

Satan knows this so well, he makes it his main plan
To bring us down and make us feel God has forgotten man.
He plants the seeds of doubt and feeds it to our soul.

We cry and moan and we forget the Lord can make us whole.
His demons start a war with our blessed Holy Ghost.
They taint our minds so that we may become the devil’s host.

I know it can be hard to stay strong when we are weak.
But remember this one thing, you’ll find only if you seek.

Written by Kadeen

( Kadeen loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy. She likes to sing and her favorite color is yellow :))

Way Home

I’m still a babe, a tiny child
Blind and deaf, my soul is wild

Lost and reckless, wandering far
Naive and young but I see a star

It’s shines so bright and glows ablaze
It snaps me out of this beginners phase
I climb the stairs to my Father’s house
As small as I am, a little mouse

In a massive castle, with golden walls
And wings of Angels to soften falls

Pure white robes and the presence of glory
And all the prophets from HIS story

Jacob, Abraham Moses and more!
Smiling and welcoming me at HIS door

The burden of life they remove from me
And clothed me with peace and tranquillity

“Glory be to God” they all say together
“Well done for surviving Earth’s treacherous weather”

With immense feelings of joy and love
I see an emblem on their robes; a dove

“My child you have suffered, but now it is done.”
For He was and is and is to come.

Written by Kadeen

( Kadeen loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy. She likes to sing and her favorite color is yellow :))

Who is a Doctor?

…and nurses too😊

Zika's Musings

Doctor 3

Who is a doctor? No, I am not asking you to give me the dictionary definition of the word ‘doctor,’ for Merriam Websters and Oxford dictionaries have already done a good job of that.

So I ask again, “who is a doctor?” By that, I mean, who is the person behind the title, “medical doctor?” I think, that doctors are, first of all, humans, just like you and me.

Now, not many of us accept them for who they really are. In fact, views about medical practitioners somewhat swing between 2 extremes: one, the overly expectant notion that doctors are superhuman – they never fall sick, never have problems but are born to bear all our troubles; two, the exceedingly hostile view that doctors are evil – at best, marketing agents for Big Pharma and at worst, people who only want to treat our ailments and not cure them, who lie to…

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