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The pretender

“I was quick to dismiss him. I was determined never to entertain love and love talks. I have had enough. I’m sure if awards were given for failed love, I would have a truck load. Maybe my bruised heart would serve as one.  My last lover did great damage. He took what was left of my broken heart and sucked the breath out of it so much so nothing could make it flutter in love again”.


I tell the story of a girl who went in search of love.

She journeyed with her priced possessions: her pen, her heart and crazy mind. 

She journeyed through the land of words. 

Wild bitter words were food to her; vile were the words she drank.

Even when the thorns of words tore her delicate skin, she never gave up.

Till one fateful day, when he came her way.

“He, I thought was my heaven-made match.I never suspected he was a heart stealer. I gave him the key to the sacred lock. I let him into the inner most chamber of my heart. He became the king of my heart”.


She loved him with all of her brokenness.

She gave him all she had- her heart, pen and crazy mind.

His words meant everything to her.

He spoke them not neither did he scribble, his big brown eyes 

imprinted it on her broken heart and deep down her soul.

Actions they say speak louder than words.

His words were action, they meant everything to her.

Those words hugged her brokenness

with their rainbow wings, they kissed her scars.

she felt so safe until he stabbed her heart to death 

with those same words.

“Gosh! He was a good pretender and I fell real hard. I have never felt so broken in my whole life. So you see why I can’t stand another love talk. I am done with love because he, my last lover,murdered what was left of my bruised heart”.


I will


I will love you
I will  love you  always
Like you are mine
You will be mine
With all of me
Every moment
I will adore you
I will let you play in my thoughts
Only you will occupy my thoughts
I will make up silly thoughts about you
I will  dream  of  you
I will create lovely dreams about you.
In those dreams
I will dance with you in the rain
and  I will  kiss you
When I pick up my pen
I will write to you
Sweet words
truthful  words
will  I write  about you
I will Scribble your name on paper
I will draw you
Paint you
Make sculptures of you
Tattoo your name on my  skin
Even on my heart’s tablet will your name be engraved
I will sing to you
Sing for you
Sing about you
I will smile 
I will smile  always
Because  your name will pop up in my mind
every time I think happy  thoughts
I will let you into my world
My world will be built for you
I will love you
I will make you mine
In my mind
Without  your knowledge.


Soul match

You name sits permanently on my lips

Your thought is engraved on my mind

My heart dances at the sight of you

These silly collywobbles won’t let my tummy rest

Yet, I will not claim your love

for your soul does not match my soul.

I see the desire in your eyes

You give your all,

You break the walls to let me in.

Still I cannot return your love

For this heart of mine long to beat for another.

Do not wait. Do not hope.

This soul of mine won’t settle for less.

LIVING IN NEVERLAND blog Affair (episode 2)


HUGO has just finished typing on his laptop. He is about to

send when he gets a call.

He checks the caller – Anna.

He answers.


(listens for a while)



Okay. Coming.

Hugo closes his laptop and walks off.


ANNA sits quietly on the bench.

Hugo walks over to her.


Three weeks.


Yep. And now I finally have



That’s nothing. What happened?


What do you mean by what happened?


Why have you chosen to write about her?


What wrong with writing about her?


your follower…they have read and loved

everything you have written and posted every week for

two years now.have you… did you give them a thought

when you decided to write about her?

you are the guy who has written

about Asa and Nneka and Nse and

Leila and the Asian girl in Girls

in the Hood… now you chose to writes about a

controversial self proclaimed celebrity with a stripping past?


Did you understand the angle I WROTE the piece from?


the angle is stil no justification in my opinion.


It won’t hurt anyone.


JK wrote a book and that didn’t

hurt anyone.


She made love to so many wizards

for so many nights. She too was a

bad girl.

(Anna stares at him for a while.)


You can’t post it.


(sighs, looks at Anna


I’ve been lost for a while. Her

blog helped me find myself. Let’s

forget about her stripping past and

focus on who she is now.


I need this. I’m like Gil Pender.

I need to walk in the rain


Anna looks at him quietly for a while.


What about your readers?


I hope they understand.



you should Follow some of them esppecially the regular ones,

 Get personal and know what they’ll think about



I’ll do that, Anna.thank you.

Anna kisses him on the cheek.


Be a good boy, Hugo. Anna cares.


written by Jaywriterug



LIVING IN NEVER-LAND: Blog affair (episode 1)

 This is not poetry. It is drama. It is not a typical drama .

It  is an experimental piece, WRITTEN FOR FUN AND FOR LOVE OF WRITING.

I  do hope you enjoy it. I will surely like to know your thoughts. 

Amity and Jaywriterug will be taking turns to write the  few episodes. 

Thank you.





 It’s a rainy day . Kingston

 Clare sits on a couch with a mug of hot chocolate clutched

tightly in her palms.

 She stares as the rain drops makes pitter-patter on the


 After a while, she turns her attention back to her blank

computer screen.  She refreshes it but still there was nothing new.


  CLARE (V.O.)

There has been no new post for about  three weeks now. It is unlike him.
(She stands up from the couch and moves towards the window, still

clutching her mug of chocolate.  She drifts to Neverland.)



Why don’t you DM him on Twitter?



Hmmmm… No. I’m not that desperate. Moreover, he does not

  follow me.


JOHN (moves closer to her)

But you are desperate Clare! Look at you, you look as though your man

 has abandoned you for months. Get a grip and do what you do best.
 CLARE (without shifting her gaze from the falling rain)

What do I do best John, what do I do best?



You, Clare built neverland out of nothing!

That isn’t real!

Is he real?
 CLARE (turns to face John)

Are you?
 JOHN  (looks away)

But I love you.

You don’t write.

 ( She turns her attention back to the rain.)



He stopped writing too. Can’t you  see?

( Clare moves back to the couch.)



He hasn’t.

(clicks on laptop screen)

 He must be busy… Or maybe… There must be an explanation for

 his absence.
JOHN (sits beside her)

 Do you think he notices you?



 He does reply my comments.



 He does that with all his readers.


  CLARE (sighs)

 Are you going to help or not?

I love you Clare.



 I will tweet at him.



I will wait. I am patient.



You can start a blog while you  wait.

Pale Blue Eyes plays in the Background


 JOHN (kisses her lightly on her forehead)

You will love me someday.

 ( He walks away.)

INT. Clare’s room.
Clare types briskly on her laptop, pauses to read through,

then clicks ‘enter’.



(She is about to sign out when the notification icon flashes.

Quickly, she opens it.)


to be continued…




Our lips collided

One wet day in June.  

‘Twas unexpected,

The rain and the kiss.

I would have blamed the moon

Sadly,it was noon.

I guess ’twas ‘cos he 

crooned the tune 

to the lyrics which he wrote in rune.

He poured his soul into 

the music as he played it 

On the strings of my heart.

‘Twas a melody to die for.



image: amity

I smile because

I see you smile

(in my mind that is )

your smile is beautiful

smile for me again.


I hear you

I hear your sweet voice

Whispering my name

(In my mind that is)

Speak to me once more.


I feel you

I feel your gentle touch

(In my mind that is )

 it is warm and comforting

Touch me again.

Lonely howl

Writing201 assignment four. Very challenging to pull off for lack of formatting tool.
Today’s device: enjambment
Today’s form: concrete poetry
Today’s prompt: animals



I heard your  lonely howl

 from      a ‘wood-stone-through’.

your thought screaming

to be heard

You wondering, “who knows?”

Now you know           I know ‘cos the

Moon whispered it to me.

I do know ‘she’ that stole
your heart
I heed your cry;             I ‘ll get you home

The wood is for wolves,

Lonely wolf like you

‘Dreamland’ might be the place you seek

There your damsel awaits your return.


Now I hear his tears whispering my name
Echoes from the past as he bare his fears
Very loud and clear is the cry of one so dear
Ear-throbbing wail of a broken heart
Roaring like a wounded bear seeking revenge
Love is not his cup of tea, although I feel he cares
Am I not a victim too of love gone wrong?
No one can set me free from this deafening cry
Down. Deep down I head hoping not to return
Just when I thought to give up
An angelic voice I hear
You can not imagine how my fear it cleared.

*This is written for Jay who stayed no matter how he felt
He played.making ‘Neverland’ a beautiful place.
Constantly musing her without knowing it.
Jay, you are the best.*

Dear dairy( confuse)

Dear dairy
Today .
I stepped back from me. I separated Me from me.
I needed to, ‘cos Me and me stopped feeling the same way about him.

I needed to know who felt what and why. I needed to stop this whirligig thoughts that has vowed to ruin my fragile mind.

‘Me’ is untamed; She lets her imaginations run wild. (She is wild anyway). She wants him near, to love him dear. All sorts of sensual thought runs through her mind. In her little mind world, She’s built a castle for both of them , where they would live happily ever after.

But the other me feels repelled by such lasciviousness.
She is more reserved and cultured too
She is so true to self. She see him like he is; a friend. A good friend at that.

Now I need to choose a me and that seem hard you see. But come to think of it….It not that hard.
Dear dairy, I will choose one that cause me less pain…I think I lied cos both ways one me is bound to hurt.

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