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came knocking

on my door this morn

Her radiant smile lit up my dark world

My dead soul came alive at the sight of love


came knocking

on my door this morn

Her gentle touch, my healing balm

Saved me from the shackles that held me down

As if by miracle my heart grew wings



Beyond reach

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Young lad say  “yea”

Not his voice

Not his name

Even his eyes I see not

His heart he freely gives

To I who can keep it not

I, who no heart has got to give.


Young lad say  “love me”

Not his words

Not his touch

But his soul gives he to I,

Whose soul the villain  captive  hold

Under the dead man’s  sea.


Young lad,  he dies

broken heart

His soul lost he to the villain’s muse

A slave of love to a captive soul

For he craved I whom he could have not

I,  the stranger in his dream.



She lay on her bed with teary eyes and aching heart.

She is very restless, her bed feels uncomfortable tonight.

She wish him near, “maybe a cuddle will help me drift off to dreamland”, she thinks.

Yes, dreamland is a beautiful place where she can forget her pain and sorrow. Forget the ache that has dug into her heart, making a deep gully in there where nothing else can fill. The pain that has cut deep and continues to cut deeper. The one thing she wanted…the one thing she needed…the only thing that really mattered is way beyond her reach.

If only she can have him tonight, have him close. If only he is here for her to hold, one more time. Create the old magic and spark which made nights and day merge and roll into one continuous timeline for them both. A co-existence where time and place mattered not, where together they built dreams and made plans and….

She stops her wishful thinking, gets up and goes into the bathroom.

She soaks herself in the bathtub fill with her favorite bath wash. She turns on her favorite playlist on her iPod; headphone in place, she soon drifts off to her favorite place, ‘neverland’ she calls it. A place where everything is rosy.

Oblivious to all around her, she drowns herself to sleep.
She sinks to a place beyond dreamland – neverland, only this time she aims never to return.



without you


I won’t cry.


I won’t shed a single tear.

I will be strong

Time does heal.

I have been here before,

Many times.

Only that now,

It is so lonely without you.

I will cry

yes !

I’ll  shed as many tears,

lonely tears

maybe I’ll be fine

when the sun shines through this canopy  

that cloud my vision

maybe tomorrow, I’ll be fine

without you.


She slipped down the dark hole of grieve

Buried underneath her tears

Swallowed by the quick sand of time

She blends in well,

the darkness in her mind matching the one without.

The ink of love splattered on  her soul.

Haunted in this  life beyond,

now, Inhabits another.

The execration was never lifted.

Maybe in the life after this,

they will awaken and blossom;

Not in this gloomy allay.




I need you

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Lost and lonely,
No place of solace this dark night.
Why am i miserable ?
Why shed I these many tears that wear my eyes out?

Flow! Flow!
Till there is no more to shed
Flow! Flow!
wash away these hurtful memories that hunt me this very night.

These wheels of pain won’t slow down,
Slowly, down the hill,
Beneath, deeper still,
I can’t stop now.

Drench in the rain
I still can’t stop this pain
Chest locks tight
This stormy night.

Lonely and burned
Do pull me out
Save me from this
Dark hole of grieve

Do Pause awhile,
Look deep within,
Let your heart
Hear my heart speak
Hear the whisper of love forlorn
Longing for a touch from one held dear


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