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It is better this way

I empty my container of all emotions and watch as it bleeds dry.
Cracked and bruised with sharp edges protruding.
It’s better this way? 

The energy of a broken smile seeps out through the hidden holes of my diminished facade. 
My mask materialising into the form of a joyful child, while hiding the hurt filled woman. 

My secrets envelope the treasure chest and interwine from inside out. 
Only to halt at the red river lock that seems to have no key. 
It’s better this way?

The pathetic wall I built, dull and as weak as it’s maker. 
With vines growing all around it’s perimeter polluting and corrupting the way.

I listen for the sound of the sea shelled breeze but instead the piercing silence feeds my drum. 
So I dream.
It’s better this way?

I lose myself in the abstract world of the night.
Where pain is not tangible and laughter more pleasurable.

I embrace the forgotten world of the mind and dance along to the melody of no sound. 
No sound. No sight. No taste. No smell. No touch. No being. 
Is it better…

Written by Kadeen

( kadeen loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy. She likes to sing and her favorite color is yellow :))




Their was Built on Trust

Envied by all but for Lust

it became a broken  lock

It came to Rust

and all was Lost

Trampled were they like Dust

by all were they mock



If  I could,

I would have untangled

This tangled mess

intertwined yet separated

Two made one

One big Turmoil

Meant to be forever.


The deed has been done.
Time past.
I begin to reflect on  things
I never won.

I am a stranger in the present.
For in the past I regret
on things I never did
Moments I never won.

Time lost
Words never said
and actions
that were worst.

I begin to wish
Only if I were a god
Controlling things that were,
Things that are and things that will be.

I won’t walk with kings
Nor have all the oil rigs
But your heart alone my one and only
Will be that which I will win.

From a lonely present
To a lovely heart
I will love you truly

Written by Everybees

Everybees is a lover of art.
He find it hard to conjure words, but when he does, it’s usually so his mind won’t Explode.


Miniscule Diary

You were wrong,
You fell first,

That’s not true,
It was you who nudged me forth,

I didn’t,
I tried to hide from you,

Well, maybe you did,
But I always found you

There were rules,
Patterns and routes,

Love knows no rule,
Safe for honesty and truth,

We are here now,
Stranded, helpless, hurt,

Shattered too,
But it’s you I still want,

Don’t be a fool,
Please don’t want me like this,

Nothing feels better,
How else would you have it be?

It’s wrong,
But I love you,

I know,
And I love you too,

Let’s do it right,
Let’s say goodbye,

I wish I could,
But loving you is nice,

I’ll carry you in my heart,
I won’t forget you,

I am you personified,
There’s the saddest truth,

I’ll write about you,
I’ll keep the memories alive,

I’ll talk about you too,
So forever our memories will thrive.

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Beauty from within

inexpensive to achieve

But priceless

Staying true to self

Just watch it glow

Beauty from within

It fades not

Fakes not

It radiates even in the dark.

You are beautiful inside out.

Dedicated to Damore Ali of


Dear dairy

Photo: Amity

Dear Dairy,

My head is pounding. My heart is aching. I don’t know why I feel so lonely.
For a while I was lost I could not feel a thing.
I tried so hard, could not fake ‘Cos I don’t fake.
It hurt so much, It does hurt bad.
Sometimes I cry, Sometimes I smile,
Sometimes I get scared of losing him.

Dear dairy, I do feel pretty messed up.
Maybe it is okay to feel this way once in a while.
Maybe it because I am missing him so much.
It can be so lonely you know.
So frustrating too. So much uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Maybe I’ll just let things be. One day at a time.
What will be will be. I will hold on to the knowledge that for now,
What we feel is real.
Even if it fades…
I will forever cherish the fact that it was, and it was as real as can be.

*In memory of you*


Life is a melody

to my eager ear.

With a crescendo

my heart plays notes to spear.

The smiles that I give

manifest C major chord.

When music carries love around

how can a soul be bored?

The sound of joy

in treble cleft begins

but does not end.

My destiny a sheet of music

I play just tell me when.

Life is God’s melody

with him our tune belong.

I sing and blow my trumpet

and I give him this sweet song.

Written by Kadeen

( Kadeen loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy. She likes to sing and her favorite color is yellow :))



art by Amity

It is raining today,
raining on me.
I am dancing all along
to the rhythm of the rain.

The sun is shining today,
shining on me.
I am basking in the glorious
Warmth of the sun.

The rain, the sun
then the rainbow too
are out today
Just for me.

I am soaking in the warmth

of royalty as I flourish
according to
HIS command.

The moon and the stars
are out today
to celebrate with me
as I stay younger in my mind.

The birds, the trees
and the howling wind
Echo my gratitude
For this gift of life.

*Celebrate with Amity as she  stays ever young *

Broken promise


art by Kadeen

You are only a carbon molecule.

Show me where are your wings?
You depict,  portray and illustrate
Only temporal things.

You consist of tangible matter.
The embodiment of dirt and dust.
You manifest only artificial works
burning down bridges of trust.

You breathe in poisonous atoms.
They travel in groups to your core.
Your engine refuses to be suppressed.
Rejecting the one fueled cure.

Now could you be so kind to refrain
From giving me your gloved hand.
I’d rather just walk alone but with God
Than relying on silence to stand.

I get it, I know and I see now.
Importance, I hold no drop.
So I will just stick by my Father’s side.
Where vast pieces of mine he will mop.

Do not bite the fruit in my palm.
It leaves a bitterful taste.
Walk away like the rest of them. Calm.
Loneliness is my first place.

Written by Kadeen

( Kadeen loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy. She likes to sing and her favorite color is yellow :))


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