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Be still tonight

Be still tonight oh my soul.
This night i say!
For i know this too will pass
Even if it tarries but a while.

Be still tonight oh my soul
This night i plead!
For darkness lasts only for a while
By break of dawn I shall smile

Be still tonight oh my soul
For this night i shall rest!
Till the moon fades away
And the sun shines her light.

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The moon


Did you send me the moon?

I guess you did

Just to show how much you cared

and that you had me on your mind

in spite of your busy schedule

For tonight,

the moon sits beautifully outside my window,

lighting up the greyish sky;

her silvery lines filtering through my flowery curtains,

Illuminating my unlit room,

where I lay on my king size bed

all alone,

thinking of you .




She is a warrior!
She goes for the kill.
She has never lost one battle;
Not once!

She is skilful!
She does not choose her war; they choose her.
They draw her in ….

“Curiosity killed the cat” they do forget this.
She waste no time marking on her prey;
Her charm! hypnotising if I may say

You can call her the ‘dark queen’ if you wish
She steals heart,breaks heart and quenches her thirst on their pains.
Nope ! Not what you think! she ain’t a vampire.

Guess everyone has got their bad day;
Our dark queen
Out to war she went
with certainty of bringing home the spoil…

What became of our charming queen
No one can tell
Maybe be by tomorrow
She’ll come back home.






light women trees dark night forest alone fantasy art 1440x900 wallpaper_www.wallpapername.com_33

Lonely night.
Not so lonely;
the moon and stars  have I for company.

Quiet night.
Not so quiet;
The hooting of the owl have I for

Dark night.
Not so dark;
Your brightness piercing through,
a light for  my path.





I will write for you my love

I will write my heart out for you
Word so true
Straight from a bleeding heart
the blood fueling my pen.


I will sing for you my love
I will sing my heart out for you
Lyrics unsung
Straight from a beating heart
Rhythm to my song


I will die for you my love
I will die the death of no fear
For life is meaningless
Without You
For your love inflames my soul.

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