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You lost Me


You lost me the day you tried to change me
You became a hazy, fuzzy, repressed memory
Locked in the jail of my unconscious  
Where all my heart breakers dwell

You were perfect for me until the day you tried to change me
When my dreams became repulsiveto you
And my aspirations started to nauseate you
You dethroned yourself as the queen of my heart

You held the key to my soul until the day you tried to change me
You, thinking I am faulty and I need fixing
How dare you dash my hope this way?
You, I thought  loved me for me.

You broke me the day you tried to change  me
You, who fixed my brokenness
You promised  forever
Now, we have never.



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6 thoughts on “You lost Me

  1. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    I really am missing on this platform.
    But bear with me my fair lady Amity.
    Hope you’re doing great.
    Really miss you and your blog.

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  2. “You promised forever
    Now, we have never”
    these lines…. chilling.
    when we love people, there is a small part of us that want to change them to a better version we envision- a version we consider perfect for us.

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    • Thank you Dr Topazo. But what we might consider perfect for us may not necessarily be their cup of tea. It’s really cool to love someone just the way they are.


  3. First off, that title…’You Lost Me’; totally got me Amity…floats my boat like you’ve none idea! LOL

    In ’em words, I hear aloud a few of the lyrics of the pretty amazing rockstar that’s Pink, in one of her songs titled ‘So What’, which goes a little something like this…’I gat a brand new attitude and am gonna wear it tonight….’! ‘You Lost Me’ has got some serious attitude type-thing going on and that I find pretty seductive…sexy! LOL Trust me when I say nothing’s more sexy than coming to one’s own…being brought up to speed bout one’s self-worth! Its everything!😂

    I can also hear this in those perfect ‘attitude-ladened’ lines…’If I cut you off, its cause you handed me the scissors…you gave me beyond good reasons to and I bloody heck did. That’s all on you and you best be dealing with it’! ‘Evuls’! LMAO!

    On a more serious note, at the heart of real love lies total acceptance! Anything you have to constantly change to get, you’ll have to constantly change to keep and aint nothing natural or healthy bout that! Someday, one would become real weary and exhausted, that walking away and cutting oneself loose becomes the best ever thing to do! Life’s way too short and time goes by pretty quickly too!

    I especially love the line…’Locked in the jail of my unconscious where all my heartbreakers dwell’! That’s pretty deep and heavy stuff….Great thinking! At. It. Gurl, this totally grabs! 😎😄

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  4. Thank you so much i have missed reading from you. Can’t believe how long i have been away from here(It’s so dusty ).


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