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Sisterhood: award






A big thank you to Yemmie for finding me a worthy recipient of the ‘sisterhood of the bloggers award’. I am very grateful.

Yemmie is the only goddess of words I know. She is well adored by all her followers (once she visits your blog you will understand why😊☺️).Yemmie blogs here: .Straight From The Heart




Here are my answers to Yemie’s questions:

1-What’s your life’s philosophy?



2-One word that best describes you would be……?


Answer: rare

3-What’s the one best thing for you ’bout being female?


Answer: I get to carry a living being in me for nine months over and over and over again 😍☺😍😍😍! I won’t trade that for the world. Not at all.(answertonos4too)

4-Given another chance at ‘Womanhood’, in say…. another life; will you chance or trade it in on a whim, for the other gender? Why?


Answer: I won’t. Simply because Amity can only conquer the world in the ‘woman’ form. It is a very powerful form loaded with great potentials.

5-Who’s that one person, (could be your regular boy/girl next door or a celebrity crush or a pet or even a stuffed toy) you’d REALLY fancy being marooned with for three whole days and nights on a deserted island and why?


Answer: the faceless being in my mind. We have being together forever😜😝😛

6-What are the five most essentials you’ve gotta have, (as in couldn’t do without); in your handbag or purse at every one time?


Answer: my back bag:-my bank cards, my pen/wand, my phone, bottle of water, my hand gel/cream.


7-Body Odour, B.O or Dragon Breath (bad breath)? Which do you consider the ‘lesser of two evils’….the one you can ‘stomach’ and put up with, if your very life depended on it? Note: Failure to choose one of these means you favor dying outrightly! Give this some deep thoughts, Babycakes!

Answer: B.O should be less because a good perfume will manage it. I just cannot stand D.B. especially if we our lips will need to collide 😀😃


8-Fabulous Flats or ‘Killer’ Stiletto Heels? Your top choice would be…?

Answer: both actually. Depends on the occasion. I rock ’em well😉👠👞👟👢👡


9-What love lingo do you speak?! Are you the ‘touchy-feely’ type who’s into Physical Touch( Intimacy) and just loves to snuggle up, cuddle and canoodle? OR Will you be that super sensitive lassie, who fancies and craves being showered with Gifts like flowers, perfumes, chocolate bars, jewels and lockets or even a simple silken scarf….anything; for no just reason, a spontaneous gesture? OR Perhaps, you’re that girl who simply just melts when you’re continually told and reassured that you’re most adored, cherished via spoken or written words… love notes hidden in conspicuous nooks and crannies by your Beloved, by way of Words Of Affirmation OR Maybe, Acts Of Service (Devotion) is that lingo that gets you and revs up your ‘engines’, when your Boo decides to treat you to a ‘Work-free’ day, as far as domestic chores goes; where he gets to take out the trash, do the dishes or laundry, treats you to breakfast in bed or just cleans up after himself and not be a Slob for an ENTIRE day? OR you’re just a Happy Camper whose Significant Other must always, ALWAYS be present by your side…..hanging out, even if you’re both doing nothing in particular, cause your thing’s Quality Time and you’d have it no other way?!

Answer: My middle name is cuddle and yes I love words of affirmation… Poetic words written, spoken or what-have-you😍😘😘😘

10-What would you say’s the craziest, nuttiest thing you’ve ever found yourself doing that’s so TOTALLY outta character but you did it anyhow and enjoyed it too with absolutely no feelings of guilt?!

Answer: I do crazy stuff always that is me. I moved out of Neverland recently and that is one crazy thing to do.😊😀.






let your heart beat in symphony


nature’s  breathe. 

life changing, soul healing

is the gift of love.

pass it on.Amity



Big thank to Just Patty of petitemagique for passing the ‘Heart as One Drum beat award’ to Amity.

It is such a great honor to be a recipient of this special award that celebrates love and compassion.


This award was created by Sue Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary  .

According to Sue, “This is an award to pass along to bloggers who are sharing posts which are helping show our empathy, Love and Kindness,

or who Highlight injustice that beat their own Drum to bring awareness to the world.”


“Within their posts whether it be through Poem or Word

Caring for others is a must for this Award.

Be it through Laughter or Humor

Photograph or Story

Love and Compassion




I dedicate this award to all my readers  for showing so much love since I started blogging.

I want to use this medium to say a big and heartfelt thank you to you all for finding time out of your schedules to read, like and comment on my blog.

This, to me  is a true show of love.


When the days are dark,

And the nights seem to never end

Your presence here

Light my world and put a big smile my face.

You may not think much of it

For me it means so much. 



*I  do know some of you do not dig blog awards

but Amity got to do what Amity got to do.  thank you*


I want to thank Christine J. W. Chu, for nominating me for the Premio Dardos award.

You are such an astounding and versatile blogger. Thank you for recognizing Amity’s.

She sure feels really flattered and She accepts it with pleasure.



 Premio Dardos is a Spanish word and it means “prize darts”.

It is an award given “in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.” 

The rules for this award:
Accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person that has granted the award and link to his or her blog.

2. Include the image of the “Premio Dardos” in the post.
3.Pass the award to  15 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment.



– Juliet Qoey  of Poetry and Idealism

– virgobeauty of Virgobeauty’s Blog

– Yayo of wanderingsufidotcom


– PuppyDoc (Phoebe) of

– Just Patty of petitemagique

– zikaolofin of Zika’s Musings

– breakdownchick  of Labeled Disabled

– topazo of The Z Channel

– passion through poetry

– Richard Ankers

– Olubukola of My Way with Words








An update: 2015 inspiring blogger award




This is another very inspiring blogger’s award I  received from virgobeauty .

I am so bowed by this award. Thank you so much.

inspiring blogger

About the award

This is an award given by bloggers to fellow bloggers.

It affords the opportunity to appreciate, recognize and  know more about the blogger behind the blog.

A Note of Thanks

Amity was nominated by  PuppyDoc (Phoebe) 

whom she find inspiring as a healthcare professional and a blogger.

Amity is really humbled by this nomination. Thank you so much PuppyDoc


7 things about Amity

– Amity is out of this world

-hopelessly romantic

-lover of nature  and art

-Amity loves flash, arrow and stalker (television series)

-can’t seem to grow up( Amity is stuck in the teens)

– Intrigue by the human mind.

-complicated or so she thinks.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  2.  List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do. 
  3.  State 7 things about yourself 
  4.  Nominate up to 11 other bloggers for the award. 
  5.  Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them. 
  6.  Display the award logo on your blog.

My nominees are:

They said…




creativeblogger3 (1)


Thanks for the nomination puppyDoc. I am quite honored to having such a wonderful Doc as you delight in my blog.

PuppyDoc is one of my favorite Doctor blogger. check her out at  :


5 FACTS about Amity

So, instead of stating facts about Amity, she decides to find out what these creative minds think.

Amity is:

  • Artistically impulsive. she enjoys fantasies of the mind.- Guido
  • She is more of a passionate romantic writer. – Taiwo Odumala’s Blog
  • exceptional poetess- Julian
  •  dark poet, conflicted, complex and witty- The Z Channel
  • she is very experimental and original –The Blogger’s Blog 


– petitemagique: she is one of my favorite poetry blogger.  She gives soul to her poems and one can feel her words breathing.

– DrSwag : He retells bible stories with such creativity. He has got a godly Swag on.

– HARD VOICES : he has his ways with words. he paints colorful pictures with them.

– Wuji Seshat : I love his love for poetry. He is spectacular with weaving words into succulent edible poems.

– Depearl : I stumbled upon his poetry lately and I fell in love with them. still trying to figure out why.

– Zika’s Musings : she is a ‘gentle’  experimental writer. she is very creative.


*** I know some of you do not dig blog awards but Amity has got to do what Amity has got to do.

Thank you.

Dear Nominees

  1. Nominate blogs you enjoy and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  2. Pass these rules onto them
  3. Thank and post the link that nominated you
  4. Share 5 facts about you to your readers


out of the shadow: Liebster Award Nomination.




So I was nominated for the Liebster award by  me .

Thank you so much sunshine for nominating me.

I  am greatly honored.

Though this is like pulling me out of my comfortable shell in the shadow.

Well I guess it is good to see the sun sometimes.

 Rules for the award are:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for the Liebster Award and link their blog to your post.
2. Answer the 11 questions they’ve asked you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers who are newbies, or who have less than 200 followers

( just like my sunshine, I shall break this rule as some of my nominees are not new and have more than 200 followers I suppose).
4. Ask 11 questions to your nominees.
5. Let your nominees know you nominated them once
you’ve posted about your Liebster Award.
6. Add the Liebster Award badge to your blog!

Here are the questions and answers :
1. Who inspired your blogging?
Answer: Shanu Afolami ( ). First blogger I knew and my bestie.

2. What inspires your writing?
Answer: aliens who live in my mind and God’s creation.

3. If you were asked to choose a song for a loved one (boyfriend, fiance(e), hubby(wife), et al), which one would you choose to pour out your emotions most aptly?

Answer: Depends on what emotions I am pouring out. I go with ‘nothing’s gonna change my love for you’ by George Benson.😜

4. What is your take about love?
Answer: love is beautiful when you know her well.

5. Which one describes you most? Dance or read?
Answer: depends on which me
Me1: dancing in the rain of course
Me2: reading every readable stuffs.

6. Do you have that one embarrassing moment that makes you laugh when you think back now? Share if you will. 🙂
Answer: sure. Not one but basket full. Sorry can’t share on here.🙊🙈

7. What is your favourite book?
Answer: wow! I can’t decide on that. Got me tons. I will go with ‘The Oath by Frank Peretti

8. What’s your dream travel destination?
Answer: mercury because it is the closest to the sun.😊

9. What is that one act of yours that brings you the greatest joy and fulfilment?
Answer: drawing

10. What is the first thing that’d likely attract you to a potential friend?
Answer: well the aliens in my mind decides that: Nothing physical. 👽👽👽

11. What do you think about the blogger that nominated you?
Answer: we think she is the sweetest human the creator ever made and we have ever met. She is our Sunshine.


 My nominees are:



My questions are:

1.Why did you start blogging?

2.What inspires your writing?

3. Who is your favorite blogger?

4. Poetry or prose and why?

5. In one word, how would you describe your first kiss(If  you’ve had one)?

6. What is your favorite quote?

7. If you had one wish,what will you wish for?

8. What do you do for leisure?

9. What makes you smile?

10. Do you have a Best friend and what is his/ her name?

11. What is your favorite meal?

Thank you!

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