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Concluding part the famous inglorious sneakers. Enjoy…


An uneasy calm finally visited the raging storm. They nearly pegged their eyelids in place in a bid to defy sleep. Earlier, Papa stood there perplexed, if only stares could kill. He did not utter any word but, just shook his head as if trying to jerk up a part of his stiff body that is asleep when he left the room.

When the boys finally slept, they clustered like a pile of peeled bananas each one carrying the guilt of how whichever punishment would be meted out to whom.

It was breakfast time, but the table was graced by a lonely soul; Papa. Mum went to the boys’ room to knock on their door.

“Won’t you guys eat before you take off?”

She asked while scanning the room but gloom was the bold sign written all over the boys’ faces. She frowned her brows; a smirky expression on her…

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An Epistle | by Ayo Sogunro

Ayo Sogunro

I woke up in the dark
A sober mien on my visage

My voiceless thoughts
Spiralled and twirled
All around you

I wished you were here
By me,
You, my divine sin,
My saving fault

I pulled the coverlet
Around me and saw you
Glimmering in silk and satin
The rainbow, woven in your hair

And your graceful smile
Lulled me
Back into a peaceful

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Fool’s Gold

Seun Odukoya

She said, barely moving her lips of red;

“Come away with me, my darling,”

Come away.

Just for now, right this minute,

Come; till time loses all meaning,

Don’t think, don’t plan, don’t wish,

Just come.”

And he fought; a valiant battle – he lost,

Eyes dimmed by death once shined with lust,

“Maybe I should just go,” he thought

Maybe with her he could find the peace he sought

And they needed each other; just not how they thought,

He wanted to die; she wanted to live

Trapped in a marriage with a behemoth;

Of all the ways out she sought, none worked;

Till murder seemed the only option

He; a soldier, death was his business,

The only thing he knew was violence

He thought her his sunbeam in a valley of death;

How right he was!

Bu wrong; she was but his sunbeam of death

They left; hand…

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Broken vessel…


IMG_6107.JPG Image:

I hid in the shadow

Overwhelmed by guilt.

I had broken my own heart

Over again.

Two hearts have I broken

Mine and His.

He, who loves me so.

The feeling of guilt vowed to

destroy my fragile being


I tasted it.


I ate the whole lot.


Now, bitter to swallow

I should have known better

Stolen waters are sweet.

Oh! I am crushed

I, who was once precious

vessel in the potter’s hand

Now broken and shattered into pieces…

Who can fix me?


You hid in the shadow

Feeling of guilt

Ravaging your being,

Killing you one moment at a time


Yes, You could not resist it

Your desire consumed you

You tasted its succulence with relish

‘Sweet’ you thought

Damning the consequences

You ate the whole lot.

You should have known better…

I heard your lonely cry from the

shadow where…

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“Wow, this is crazy. I still can’t imagine how you can ever manage to afford this sneakers.” Misan quized.

Charles the witty one carefully withdrew the sneakers from his brothers’ prying eyes and poking fingers.

Charlie fondly called by friends actually stole from their father’s safe when he stood in for him at the store. The old man would not find out until later when he reconciles his account at the end of the week. He was unassuming but a firm and fierce salesman; the dependable supplier.

Misan the first of the sons was in his teens, sixteen to be precise. He was always deep in thought, he got that major gene from his grandfather who could read someone’s mind before he or she could signify any meaningful or meaningless intention. His thoughts actually converged on trying to crack how Charles came about the money for the expensive sneakers. Afterall, it was…

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Too Much


I loved and I lost
Not because it was lust
But because I loved too much.

Too many hugs, he said
What he didn’t know was, I was holding on
To my very last bit of hope.

Too many kisses, he said.
Vampirously, I couldn’t stop
It was my life source

You cry too much, he said
How does a broken vessel hold water?

You love too much, he said
Little did he know
I was only learning to love…


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Miniscule Diary


I see the ghouls in his soul,
The bits of man-made hurt
that emassed into defiant haunting ghosts.
No, he didn’t become like that in a day;
It started with one touch…
just one light brush,
almost un-feeling–
a promise made, a promise failed.
A piece of him gave.
But that was not all–
just the beginning of the end.
For it happened again,
and again,
and again.
They promised, they swore,
they bet ‘pon graves,
and yet again, they failed.
So that was how it was,
that they broke his soul to crumbs.
No one ever kept their word,
until he could give no more.
And now, I see him clearly…
through his brimming eyes that
host shards of ache and malady.
He was not always like this.
His demons are man-made.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.

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