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Let Me Tell You A Story.

A long time ago,

I was born a day before my soulmate,

Very, many miles apart.

My first encounter with this soul

Was through a gift they gave a friend.

Simple was the gift

Yet it told me much about the giver.

Very many months after I’d beheld the gift,

The binding cord tugged at my heart

and my soul knew no rest.

I never thought we would cross path.

As fate would have it,

We met by chance

At a random convention.

We got talking soul to soul.

Life was beautiful and perfect

Till we crossed the line.

We started a fire we could not quench.

We got burnt; body, mind and soul.

But alive we are to tell the tale

Of first, true love and soul match.

We went our ways,

Very, many miles apart

But our souls stayed connected


The hurt, the pain, the longing and all

That comes with  separation.

We sometimes meet in our memories.

Our hearts  still beat in unison.

We hope to meet before the curtain draws.

This is where the story ends


For now.


Bàtá Drumbeats…

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At the turn of the year, a friend of mine suggested that I do a chapbook. At the time, I had no idea what a chapbook was, and even when I found out, I wondered if I really was qualified enough to do anything that daring.

Read the work of quite a number of poets, and immediately, my major challenge was that I felt my work wasn’t quite there yet as far as ‘standard‘ poetry is concerned, but then I made a commitment to go for it and “announce a release” on the 27th day of this month. I regretted that decision almost immediately because I thought of all the things producing a book however small entails.

But you see… At some point, I had to tell myself to just go with it, and do what I could, and so I decided I’d self publish and…

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    Photo: AmityPhoto: Amity

She rises gracefully, 

peeps through the gloomy clouds,

kisses the face of her beloved.

A daily ritual, meted out religiously.

Beads of words string together

in the mind of her beloved,

Unwilling they flow through her pen,

Hopefully, to be embraced by all.

Once again their job is done.

Tomorrow they shall rise again

Hopeful, higher grounds, they shall gain

As they toil together in their separate ways.


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I have got a snake in my skull,
It is eating up my brain
I do not mind, you see
The snake will be my brain.

I gave the dog my bone
It’s just my tibia, you see
I got more than enough 
I don’t mind sparing one.

I told the lion off,
it ate half my bruised heart,
I do not mind, you see
I’ll replace it with iron.

I fed the cat my blood
Just a pint, you see
It loves it more than milk
It’s organic and red.

I did see the Eagle
before It plucked my eye
My twitching left eye
It never said thank you.

I dived into the sea.
I fed me to the shark,
The most reluctant shark
It ate me with no pleasure.

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The Type by Sarah Kay

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In 2015 I opened myself to Art; Fiction, Music, and Poetry mostly. It has been a wonderful experience; I read books, listened to poetry, heck, I even attended a Book Festival, and interacted with brilliant writers from across the continent. For reasons I am not sure of, the Type by Sarah Kay stuck with me in 2015. I have listened to it at least 50 times, watched on YouTube at least 20 times, and I still cannot get enough of it.

If you grow up the type of woman men want to look at,
You can let them look at you.
But do not mistake eyes for hands or windows or mirrors.
Let them see what a woman looks like.
They may have not ever seen one before.

If you grow up the type of woman men want to touch,
You can let them touch you.
Sometimes, it is not…

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