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The hardest part is letting go

But once you do, there’ll be sweet relief.

And you’ll wonder why

You held on tight to what was not

Why you stayed so long in the
hunters’s net

Why you made yourself an easy prey

The hardest part is letting go

But once you do you’ll open doors

To better things than what you had

You’ll breath clear air, You’ll feel refreshed

‘Cos you’ll have freed yourself from
the cage of regrets.


Twitter crush

I don’t want to love you any more

Loving you hurts so much

It consumes my being.

Drains the blood in my veins

I live every second for you

I live on your timeline

Retweeting all your posts….

I don’t want to love you anymore

Cos you can’t love me back

You are oblivious of my love for you

I am nothing but a follower

Whom you never follow back

I don’t want to love you anymore

But I cant help myself….


Why this sudden rush of sadness

washing over me,

Cascading downwards,

Threatening to submerge me

In its depths?

I had it good for a while.

So good, I threw my pen

at the spot where the sun kisses the river;

There, I met a writer

The writer who pierced my heart deep with his pen.

My tender heart bled ink

Ink of love maybe….

Maybe I fell in love with the writer

who wrote me to life.

Life on paper was beautiful

Until he drew me out to reality

There i realise I was one of many….

The writer ruthlessly stabbed my heart

He stabbed my soul too.

Now, I’m here with nothing!

Nothing except this poison called LOVE

flowing from my heart.


Draw Me…

Draw me on the wall of your heart

I promise I  won’t fade away

I ‘ll live there as long as you want me to

I’ ll never force ‘me’ on you

Draw me on the wall of your heart

Just paint me red

I will blend in well

I stay with you

Till you take your last breath

*    *     *

Drowning in the Depths

The Z Channel

There is a hole

Where my heart used to be;

There is a buzz in my ears

Like the droning of bees

Asking in a voice filled with tears

How long till I am whole?

There is a longing

Deep within, an unease,

Elusive and ill-defined;

A sore that is festering,

An ache that seize

The peace of mind.

There is a darkness,

Thick as a blanket,

Cold as ice,

Wrapping its icy hands

Around me; I am breathless

Alone in the dark basement.

There is a pain,

Dull and throbbing,

Hidden behind smiles;

That waxes and wanes,

Rising and ebbing,

Like the ocean tides.

There is only despair,

A sturdy friend, ever present

As I drown in the depths;

And then there are moments

When I come up for air

Fighting to take a couple breaths.

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