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Many many…

Many many times 

Many times before.

Many many lies

Many lies they wore. 

Many many smiles

Many smiles I gave.

Many many cries

Many cries I saved. 

Many many lives 

Many lives are lost. 

Many many days 

Many days have cost. 

Many many breaks 

Many breaks that hurt.

Many many takes 

Many takes the dirt.

Many many knives 

Many knives that stab.

Many many men 

Many men that grab. 

Many many times 

Many times before 

Many many crimes 

Many crimes that tore.

Written by Kadeen



Light-Tunnel 9

This light I shall follow

Not caring for where it leads


I’ll look not back to darkness behind

and all the treasure therein embedded


This light I shall follow

Even if I a pauper be


I’ll look not back to the darkness behind 

I need me to see the fullness of day


This light I shall follow 

blinding it may seem


I’ll look not back to the darkness behind

Even if my life it takes.



image: amity

I smile because

I see you smile

(in my mind that is )

your smile is beautiful

smile for me again.


I hear you

I hear your sweet voice

Whispering my name

(In my mind that is)

Speak to me once more.


I feel you

I feel your gentle touch

(In my mind that is )

 it is warm and comforting

Touch me again.


Where’s my knife my precious friend 
That sharpened stone of jagged end 

It knows my flesh both outside in
 It tears away and carries skin 

Protecting me from living life 
Piercing through to end the strife

My only help it’s metal cold 
Always doing what it’s told.

When all else fails it’s it and I 
We fight to win we fight to die 

I wish that I could turn back now 
And change my mind to change my vow

That day that train I wish I fell 
Regretting that the man could tell. 

My sweet intent why did he see?
What I would do, he murdered me.

That lonely poppy filled with blood 
Of war and pain it barely stood

And now it drowns in soil and dirt 
I stand to fall embrace the hurt. 

All alone with no one there 
But now I’m numb and do not care. 

Present people act my past 
With empty words that never last. 

So I have learnt to walk alone 
To face my thoughts all on my own 

“I won’t be there but you’re in my heart”
Those words cut deep and knifed apart

My very soul, it slipped away 
I always knew it wouldn’t stay. 

So pain is now my new best friend 
At least I know it will not end 

It knows me well from outside in
All I have to lose is skin.

*Written by Kadeen*


She tries to touch him. He pushes her away. calling her all sort of filthy names.

He does it all the time, treating her like she is nobody to him.

They used to be inseparable until she said ” I do”.

Gosh! How it drives her mad. She tries hard to control her own temper which is gradually welling up inside of her.

“Stop!” She begs, tears rolling down her face. She can’t stand the rejection anymore.

She moves away from him to the window. She needs fresh air.

She can feel  the walls closing up on her.

She feels faint, quickly, she holds on to the window frame for support.

“Rich … Richard, I…I  only want you to…… love me… I don’t think that is too much to ask… as your wif…” she tries to explain.

He cuts her off mid sentence, “You have no right! No right to demand such of  me!” he barks  at her “I choose when to do whatever !”

It is too much for her to bear. This is suppose to be the beginning of the rest of their life together.

It was barely a week  into their ‘talk of the town wedding ceremony’.

He barely looks at her or speaks to her. she feels like a stranger in her own home.

She can’t stand it. She runs out of the house never to return.

Her lifeless body squashed like a fly under the wheels.


Hadassah's Fashion 'n' Style

royal1               royal2

The color blue has royal connections, and was once very expensive to get hold of.  It appears to free the mind. creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order – we certainly feel a sense of calm if we lie on our backs and look into a bright blue cloudless sky.

royal 3

Almost everyone enjoys looking into a blue sky and across a lake or the sea… because there is something calming about an expanse of blue. It slows the metabolism. The paler the blue the more freedom we feel.


There are different shades of blue and Royal Blue being one of them is a shade of blue tinged with purple. Other shades of blue includes: Azure Blue, Indigo, Midnight Blue, Navy blue, Persian blue, Sapphire, Light blue, Dark blue, Baby blue, Aqua, Turquoise e.t.c

royal4 it is ‘delicate and dainty’ Like purple.

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I sit here thinking

of what to do

Wishing I could stand up to hear

the truth

Tears like a waterfall                     of pain and doubt

Drying up my insides to make a drout

I whisper to my only friend            the silent room

 A bride on her wedding day without

her groom

A tissue a tissue we all fall down

The plague of black has now filled this town

My thoughts have clouded my common sense

But my i secure heart has built pretence

Fighting the unfight-able and losing the war

Waiting for a change,

will I be restored?

written by Kadeen

Sad cloud

Assignment five #writing201

prompt: fog
Today’s form: elegy(elegiac couplets)
Today’s device: metaphor


The sun blinked as the dark cloud rudely

crossed her path.


The birds took flight to their nest and the squirrels scampered

to their hiding the place.


 The cloud spared no thought   for the wandering man under the oak tree

who had nowhere to run.


Her tears rolled  down, for her heart mourned

 the loss of the fallen stars.


 The man under the oak tree could not understand;

his foggy mind hoping Noah’s ark would come


to take him to safety, from the sad cloud whose teardrops

threatened to ruin his rest.


*dedicated to the wanderers and homeless *

life’s too short

Life is too short to waste it on fun.
We live and we learn then we die and we’re gone.

Either up or down as it depends on your story.
Did you live for the sin, or to see God’s glory?

Did you seek your Father and yearn for his love?
Or were you the type to be lukewarm and “kind of”?

The music, the parties, the clothes and the money.
Is it worth your salvation? You think God finds it funny?

To see his loved children, that he carefully made
In the devil’s pool of sin where they blindly wade.

Shackles on their feet with chains tied to their wrist
Laughing and immoral and drowning in their “bliss”

Imagine those tears on our sweet Fathers cheek
The pain that he feels when our spirit’s so bleak.

“For it is by grace that you have been saved.”
But don’t just stop there, restore your brethren graves

Go out and reap harvest so that heaven is full.
Gather souls like a fishermen, resist Lucifer’s pull.

Life is too short to waste it on fun.
Live to unite so that we become one.

Written by Kadeen

Ray of hope

Silent morn light from

the golden sun rays filters

through this darkened path.


Lonely souls come out

to dance to the beautiful

tune of the morn light.


They hope and pray it

shines all day,  for when it leaves,

their feeble souls bleed.


They dread the darkened

path and the cold hand of gloom

that encompasses. 


Though they walk the path

 a million time, their feeble

souls yearn for the morn light.


A ray of hope for

lost wandering souls seeking 

true companionship.


*this is  an experimental work using  the three lines and 5-7-5 syllables haiku blended with concrete poetry style*


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