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You lost Me


You lost me the day you tried to change me
You became a hazy, fuzzy, repressed memory
Locked in the jail of my unconscious  
Where all my heart breakers dwell

You were perfect for me until the day you tried to change me
When my dreams became repulsiveto you
And my aspirations started to nauseate you
You dethroned yourself as the queen of my heart

You held the key to my soul until the day you tried to change me
You, thinking I am faulty and I need fixing
How dare you dash my hope this way?
You, I thought  loved me for me.

You broke me the day you tried to change  me
You, who fixed my brokenness
You promised  forever
Now, we have never.



Finding ME


 Perhaps, an illusion

All we had, all we shared 

 now flashing memories.

Perhaps we moved too fast,

possibly changing the course of destiny

 as we moved through our life’s story.

So I traveled back in time

Time itself slowed down for me 

to savor every moment we had shared.

I absorbed the good and discarded the bad.

As I traveled through ‘our story’,

I found ‘me’ where I lost ‘me’, 

the same place I first found you

only that this time I looked away from you

because I already knew how the story would end.

As I journeyed through space time continuum,

way back to when you were non-existent,

I rediscovered what it meant to be ‘me’ without you.


without you


I won’t cry.


I won’t shed a single tear.

I will be strong

Time does heal.

I have been here before,

Many times.

Only that now,

It is so lonely without you.

I will cry

yes !

I’ll  shed as many tears,

lonely tears

maybe I’ll be fine

when the sun shines through this canopy  

that cloud my vision

maybe tomorrow, I’ll be fine

without you.




We were meant to be;

But never shall we.

Our love will be.

Our time we missed.

in our hearts shall it live;

Love ever so strong and real.

Of fear, of guilt and shame;

What we feel we dare not show.

For I belong to another and so do you;

This way it must stay

Till we our days no more.








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So much to say
words fail.

Heavy heart
can’t bleed.

Silently we move on
our minds hold on.

We know what we want
our pride won’t let us be.

We bear the pain
we feign a smile.

All is fine
we are not.

We grow together apart
yes! Such an irony.

We chose this path
we won’t look back.

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