Dear dairy

Photo: Amity

Dear Dairy,

My head is pounding. My heart is aching. I don’t know why I feel so lonely.
For a while I was lost I could not feel a thing.
I tried so hard, could not fake ‘Cos I don’t fake.
It hurt so much, It does hurt bad.
Sometimes I cry, Sometimes I smile,
Sometimes I get scared of losing him.

Dear dairy, I do feel pretty messed up.
Maybe it is okay to feel this way once in a while.
Maybe it because I am missing him so much.
It can be so lonely you know.
So frustrating too. So much uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Maybe I’ll just let things be. One day at a time.
What will be will be. I will hold on to the knowledge that for now,
What we feel is real.
Even if it fades…
I will forever cherish the fact that it was, and it was as real as can be.

*In memory of you*


9 thoughts on “Dear dairy

  1. Hmmm…this is well related to. As we all loose someone one way or another. But I think we should learn to cherish the times we had with them while they’re around. Because sometimes, nothing lasts forever…
    Thanks Lady Amity, for sharing another exquisite piece…

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  2. I know the feeling Amity. Sometimes, we want to forget it, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we want to move but sometimes we just don’t stop reminiscing. That said, we just must look ahead and forward. Let our lessons past be the back on which we ride into the future.
    Well done Amity.

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  3. “…It was real as can be.” You’ll have those memories forever. Sometimes you wish they could fade away, and sometimes you’ll hold on to them for dear life. It will all be ok.

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  4. The deep ache in my heart at the moment, from things I’ve lost in the past that I refused to let go. Those things you actually think you’ve thrown away but keeps haunting you. And then one day, you wake up with the realization that you really need to let go, for yourself, your sanity your future… You know i got mad love for you right, amity

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    1. The thing is we tend to repress those things and they sip through our subC to our consciousness.
      We just have to deal with them and let go once and for all. Easier said than done but must be done like you rightly said.
      Thanks 😊
      …and now i know. ** big hugs **


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