art by Amity

It is raining today,
raining on me.
I am dancing all along
to the rhythm of the rain.

The sun is shining today,
shining on me.
I am basking in the glorious
Warmth of the sun.

The rain, the sun
then the rainbow too
are out today
Just for me.

I am soaking in the warmth

of royalty as I flourish
according to
HIS command.

The moon and the stars
are out today
to celebrate with me
as I stay younger in my mind.

The birds, the trees
and the howling wind
Echo my gratitude
For this gift of life.

*Celebrate with Amity as she  stays ever young *


25 thoughts on “Glorious…

  1. The poem as usual is so perfect.. Younger in Mind?? Why not an older mind? Err.. Guess its a poem thing,maybe? #NeverGetPoems… Well whichever it is. I celebrate your mind. It thinks beautifully older or younger..

    Glorious WOW at the art.. Its soo beautiful.. You should draw more, if you ain’t already.

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  2. Oh! It’s your birthday!

    Happy birthday mademoiselle…

    Churning out poems on a flowing platter and smooth, indelible pattern… Yes, you’re royalty.

    Beautiful poem on a beautiful day for a beautiful being…

    Stay forever young!

    Hey, do manage this elixir of longevity. #Turnt!

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  3. Happy Birthday!
    Stay forever young…and happy,
    Skip gaily and dance with abandon
    Throw your head back and laugh heartily
    Twirl and spread your hands
    Feel the breeze on your face
    Let the sun warm your soul
    Giggle like a young child
    Have fun and be merry
    Glorious days are ahead.

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  4. Happy Birthday babycakes, have many more! I celebrate with ya today, and may all of your dreams find fulfillment this season! Here’s hoping also that this would be by several long shots, your best birthday celebration yet! Keep shining darl, cheers! LOL

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      1. Hahaha! Despicable you Quaint and Dainty China! Gloating looks good on noone, but gurl; its mighty fine on you, so gloat away already sweetness! After all, its your special day, a day where you get to get away with just ’bout anything! So hit me and make it last! Plus, I also know quite well what thou lookest like…. stunning! From thy GLORIOUS sketch and elsewhere! *winks* Who’s laughing now ei?! Who’s the ‘Man’?! LMAO!

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  5. Oh! And she writes beautifully too… Crush level elevated *red zone beep*…

    I am both thrilled and confounded at how you manage to stay this young, you know. As you grow older today, may you remain as young and fun as ever. Cos I hear that saying in my head right now: as a man thinkers in his heart, so is he.

    One personal prayer though, may we never lose you completely to the land of the Oyinbos, where they use miniature rakes to eat rice, and make Pounded yam on electric cookers.

    Ajo o le dabi Ile.

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  6. *tear* Aw! You’re more than a blessing baby gurl! Be sure to enjoy your day to the hilt, you deserve nothing but the absolute bestest! So then, dive right in and completely lose yourself! Have you a master blaster of a ‘coooreizy’ celebration! You’re younger than you’ve ever been, live and act it! God bless you sweets, Mwah! LOL


  7. Happy birthday to you
    Sweet and Dearest #AMITY!
    May you shine brighter
    than the Stars
    May all
    you desire be yours
    May your days be
    long and filled
    with laughter
    Joy and
    Enjoy your
    Day dearest!

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  8. Happy belated birthday.

    For some reason, I couldn’t get through here on time. But I did get to you anyway.

    Sweet sweet stuff.

    So much love and respect for you.

    Stay awesome, please.


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  9. So I missed this

    Birthday of Ms. Mystique

    As I breathe deep

    And put lines together that go bleep bleep


    Never put yours on a flatline

    The byline?

    Here’s to many years in the sun of your young mind.

    I have to apologise to you – I do read your posts but hardly ever comment. And I missed this. It’s as though I didn’t see the link!

    God bless you – and may He continue to shine over you, as you smile and bless plenty of us others.

    Merry New Year, dear.

    Twice over.

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