Miniscule Diary

You were wrong,
You fell first,

That’s not true,
It was you who nudged me forth,

I didn’t,
I tried to hide from you,

Well, maybe you did,
But I always found you

There were rules,
Patterns and routes,

Love knows no rule,
Safe for honesty and truth,

We are here now,
Stranded, helpless, hurt,

Shattered too,
But it’s you I still want,

Don’t be a fool,
Please don’t want me like this,

Nothing feels better,
How else would you have it be?

It’s wrong,
But I love you,

I know,
And I love you too,

Let’s do it right,
Let’s say goodbye,

I wish I could,
But loving you is nice,

I’ll carry you in my heart,
I won’t forget you,

I am you personified,
There’s the saddest truth,

I’ll write about you,
I’ll keep the memories alive,

I’ll talk about you too,
So forever our memories will thrive.

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