out of this world

Beyond reach

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Young lad say  “yea”

Not his voice

Not his name

Even his eyes I see not

His heart he freely gives

To I who can keep it not

I, who no heart has got to give.


Young lad say  “love me”

Not his words

Not his touch

But his soul gives he to I,

Whose soul the villain  captive  hold

Under the dead man’s  sea.


Young lad,  he dies

broken heart

His soul lost he to the villain’s muse

A slave of love to a captive soul

For he craved I whom he could have not

I,  the stranger in his dream.



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4 thoughts on “Beyond reach

  1. beautifully sad


  2. Love hurts when it can’t be returned. That said, we must learn to leave what’s gone behind.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes it does sweetness.
    Guess leaving or letting go is the most painful. But true,we got to let go sometimes.


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