out of this world

I need you

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Lost and lonely,
No place of solace this dark night.
Why am i miserable ?
Why shed I these many tears that wear my eyes out?

Flow! Flow!
Till there is no more to shed
Flow! Flow!
wash away these hurtful memories that hunt me this very night.

These wheels of pain won’t slow down,
Slowly, down the hill,
Beneath, deeper still,
I can’t stop now.

Drench in the rain
I still can’t stop this pain
Chest locks tight
This stormy night.

Lonely and burned
Do pull me out
Save me from this
Dark hole of grieve

Do Pause awhile,
Look deep within,
Let your heart
Hear my heart speak
Hear the whisper of love forlorn
Longing for a touch from one held dear


original version posted on: | Love is Lonely


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10 thoughts on “I need you

  1. Many things in this piece that makes one wanna cry…deep, painful, sorrowful piece.

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  2. This is a nice one

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This heart is definitely broken…
    Sad lines…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is beautiful. No more. No less.

    Keep writing ma’am.

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