out of this world


She lay on her bed with teary eyes and aching heart.

She is very restless, her bed feels uncomfortable tonight.

She wish him near, “maybe a cuddle will help me drift off to dreamland”, she thinks.

Yes, dreamland is a beautiful place where she can forget her pain and sorrow. Forget the ache that has dug into her heart, making a deep gully in there where nothing else can fill. The pain that has cut deep and continues to cut deeper. The one thing she wanted…the one thing she needed…the only thing that really mattered is way beyond her reach.

If only she can have him tonight, have him close. If only he is here for her to hold, one more time. Create the old magic and spark which made nights and day merge and roll into one continuous timeline for them both. A co-existence where time and place mattered not, where together they built dreams and made plans and….

She stops her wishful thinking, gets up and goes into the bathroom.

She soaks herself in the bathtub fill with her favorite bath wash. She turns on her favorite playlist on her iPod; headphone in place, she soon drifts off to her favorite place, ‘neverland’ she calls it. A place where everything is rosy.

Oblivious to all around her, she drowns herself to sleep.
She sinks to a place beyond dreamland – neverland, only this time she aims never to return.




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8 thoughts on “Drowned

  1. Story well told. I’ll describe it as a mini-skirt. Short enough to show some good stuff, and long enough to cover the essentials. Welldone Amity. Please keep writing. 🙂


  2. 'Bukkie on said:

    I like the story and the brevity.


  3. Oh my! such a sad tale
    heartbreak is a deep dark dungeon that wastes its victim…


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