out of this world




My angelic devil sent to taunt me

With this bitter sweet romance;

You humbly pride yourself in my conquest

I made myself an easy prey.

I hate that I love you so!

Your gentle fury turns me on,

Your piquant wit, my undoing

The caress of your deceitful truth

Fans the embers of my undying affection;

I die each day to live for you

In this hell of a paradise;

You are the end to my beginning,

Your poisonous love, a cure for my withering heart;

Quench my thirst with your flame of love

In you, I want to be found forever lost.





 my dark angel, my perfect game

Your darkness glows like the morning sun

Let me swim the pool of your eyes

Feed me; fill me with your honeyed words

I hunger for a taste of the fountain of your lips

Oh how I hate that I want you so!

This blessed curse of longing for you

This soothing ache of needing you;

You smile, and the shadow lifts

Your laugh is like the gurgling of the water brooks

Your frown ushers in winter, my heart freezes;

Oh I hate what you do to me!

Your beauty is to die for

I am your willing slave,

A prisoner of love forever shackled to you.


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23 thoughts on “MY NEMESIS

  1. Oh boy, this rocks! No more words. Wonderful collaboration @Amity and @Topazo– you both make magic when your pens romance.

    More please! <3!

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  2. oh my. wonderful!!!

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  3. Now this is class…

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  4. Wooow. Woooow

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  5. Wow! seriously I’m blown away! That was just incredible Amity!! 🙂

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  6. Lovely. Reeks of Rick Astley’s rich innuendoes.

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  7. It’s amazing how much synergy a collabo of this sort can give birth to. This is absolutely beautiful. More grease to your elbows, Topazo & Amity.

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  8. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    This is an exceptional collaboration!

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  9. Beautiful. Love it.

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