Lately, I dread the the call of dusk

‘cos night times are so unpleasant 

Those scary monsters come out to play

Invading my mind,

Sucking at my brain,

flossing their teeth with my locks.

Sticking their bloody fangs in my veins

Bloody blood suckers,

they want me dead

so that they can munch at my heart.

My eyes rotate helplessly in their sockets,

trying to manipulate the gruesome visions.

Mean! Mean! Monsters.

Cowards they are, lurking in the dark,

preying on an helpless insomniac like me.

Insomniac pleading for just an hour!

An hour to experience Sweet dreams.


12 thoughts on “Insomanic 

  1. This is interesting Amity. You should remember this joke of a very hungry man who took only a cup of ‘garri flakes’ with nuts and went to sleep; only to dream he was swimming in river and drowning. … Crazy jive.

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  2. This is pretty dark, terrifying and scary…..grisly, like an horror movie come to life! Hehehe. I gotta ask though…are those monsters real or are they just a figment of the Narrator’s quite vivid imaginations??? Perhaps, they only exist in his/her mind…unreal and he/she may just as well have a deep-seated fear and phobia for the dark perhaps???

    Plus, I hear that sleep plagued by nightmares is the easy part; one can just wake up when things are just ’bout ready to get outta hand and kick into danger mode! Real nightmares on the other hand, are known to go down while we’re wide awake! Now however does one get away from those??? LMAO!

    If I didn’t know, I’d dub you a certified ‘Goth Girl’ Amity, with your certain fascination for diabolical and paranormal monsterpieces sooo wondrously laid out! Then again, you roll with aliens from outer space, so yeah; I get it! Way to go gurl, this is ‘fetching’! LOL

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    1. Oh yes. The monsters are as real as the writer’s imagination… they are symbolic but the writer is not afraid of the dark because she lives in the shadows. she finds solace in the dark.
      ‘Gothgirl’ the other side of Amity.
      Thanks for reading sweet kin. I owe you a voice message 😊

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