Broken Bird.

Miniscule Diary


My voice is thin, weak
‘m afraid, today I can’t sing
I limp in the glory
Of yesterday’s fall
And gather my battered wings
around this frailty that’s left of me.

I know
It’s a long road still,
Amidst daunting corridors,
and dark shadowed walls
With blazing windows
Conspiring to keep out the morning sun-

But I will not give in
Because I can’t
There’s a pain within me
That only strain can heal
So i’ll limp on if I must
But there’s no time to mourn
Broken wings don’t make broken birds
I can learn to fly again.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.

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9 thoughts on “Broken Bird.

      1. Hello Me. How’s it going with you? Just thinking of putting some fresh blood on my blog and I’m thinking of featuring some guest poets. By the grace of God, next month should be it. Is it possible please to have a poem from you? Something along the theme Sudden Self Discovery would be nice. What ya think? Would be grateful if you obliged 😅

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  1. Hello Zika! Ah, I feel so honoured you asked this of me. I’d totally love to be a part of it. Maybe if I could have your email, so I can forward the poem to you when it’s ready. Or you can just mail me on so I have your address saved and ready for use when I want to send you the poem.

    Thanks once again for asking this of me. I pray the muses do me well to do justice to the theme. 🙂


  2. And sorry that I’m just replying. I’m not sure I got the notification for your message. I just realised you had replied when I looked in on Amity’s comment. And as for those muses, hmm. Don’t you worry. They’ll cooperate, trust me☺

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