out of this world

Love me for me.

I got lost in the crowd.
I lost me in the hustle and bustle.
I tried to find my way home.
But the familiar landmarks
Were no where near.

I tried to blend in with the crowd.
I tried to learn their ways.
Soon I lost touch with me.
I did not fit in well
Twas obvious every one could see.

It hurts so much, I must say
Being neither here nor there.
It hurts more not being me,
Not knowing where I belong
Not finding my way home.

I forgot I was made differently
Fashioned to be weird unique
I was never made to conform.
I was made to stand out
In my complicated simplicity.

Don’t try to shape me
Don’t even try at all
Just love me for me, l pray thee
Do let me find my voice
Do let my pen speak forth.



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16 thoughts on “Love me for me.

  1. No one can be me…but me! That consciousness is a powerful tool. With that in mind…”better” things can be achieved. I love this piece. Nice one Amity.

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  2. hmmm, the sketch looks familiar…my thought…I guess I can swim in it.

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  3. The idea of being ‘the one’, the ‘only one’ of your kind is scary and more often than not difficult to live up to because the temptations everywhere are overwhelming– but soon, we realise that nothing feels better than being us. And it is in embracing ourselves that we give others a chance to embrace us for who we are.

    Nice bit Amity! And I ❀ that picture! πŸ™‚

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  4. i totally dig the sketch and the words written therein!
    and yes, to be ourselves is the best gift we can give ourselves; it is only in finding self and seeking to be ourselves always that we find self satisfaction and fulfillment.
    we may be lucky to find one person or many persons who truly love who we are, but even if no one does, it will be a great disservice to ourselves and our existence if we choose to blend in

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  5. Double Snaps!!! Love Love.

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  6. Ita pleasing to see how very well you have come along This road.

    Thumbs up!

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