out of this world

‘Freedom Uncertain’


The colourful rainbow washed out

The tunnel snaked on

Diminishing any sign of light.

We were betrayed by our brothers

Not our enemies, but our blood brothers.

Bad fate brought on our kinsmen,

Now we have less fate.

On and on we wander.

Our homes gone, our dignity torn.

Even animals have territories.

Did we not give it all up to insanity?

Unsure of a future,

Our furures’ future stare at us blindly with questions.

But not every question deserve an answer;

An immediate deniable solace.

We once dined like kings

We enjoyed like Queens.

Now we are refugees; moving drones.

Rejected by beings,

Walls of prejudice erected to fence us off.

We must pass through the eyes of the storm,

To get to ‘Freedom Uncertain’.

Forced by the devil to walk on the tempest sea;

Our faith bent to fail

In the eyes of the engulfing monster.

-Olufemi Oladotun.

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