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dear dairy (lost chance)

Dear you,

I am so sorry,  I am not who I  used to be. I changed. You changed me.

You taught me how  to live without you. It was hard, but I learned. 

I see how you long for things to be as it were before the break.

I would have loved it so,  few months ago when i was near death.

I , hoping you would show up or at least replied my messages.

You never did.

You see, the truth is I  killed the me you used to know so as to live.

You can never meet that me again.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea letting you back into my life after all.

Let the truth be told , I was really doing well without you and you know it.

You had your chance but you chose to treat me like you did.

I had never been so hurt in my life and will never be.

Yours brokenhearted G.


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8 thoughts on “dear dairy (lost chance)

  1. 👫 walk with me.

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  2. This is sooo deeply saddening…gut wrenching and soul-crushing! Falling out with a dear friend, whom one’s grown pretty accustomed and attached to is not a walk in the park! It just eats away at the soul…slowly; so much so that in order to find healing, one must muscle up that much courage to let go; especially and if, the other person’s observed to have long moved on! Then there will be no use to keep on waiting and missing out on life! And, as much as we all know; inspite of whatever circumstances we may find ourselves…life still goes on anyway! *sigh

    Perhaps, life may hand one a chance card and with that, a chance meeting with a new person….perhaps! Marianne Williamson surmises that ‘Some things need to be let go before other things can be let in’!

    For as long as we open our hearts up to that possibility of love and friendships; we also open ourselves up to the possibility of getting hurt and having our hearts broken; cause not all relationships will last forever; as much as we’d like for them to. People change and so do feelings….sadly!

    I absolutely love that title…’Lost Chances’, sounds pretty groovy and fancy…like a movie title! Those lines also evokes such powerful emotions and vulnerability’s something that gets me each time; a quality that’s far from lacking in ’em lines! LOL

    You brought this Amity and it does resonate on a massive scale too! Well done Sweets! 😇😄

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  3. Oh! Wow! goddess!
    Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Your comment is a post on its own and I do love Marianne’s quote. It is quite true especially in regards to the things of the heart.
    Indeed feelings change like the people who nuture them.

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  4. “You taught me how to live without you…..You see, the truth is I killed the me you used to know so as to live”
    this… this… it’s so heart wrenching…I wouldn’t want to be the recipient of these lines…

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