Let Me Tell You A Story.

A long time ago,

I was born a day before my soulmate,

Very, many miles apart.

My first encounter with this soul

Was through a gift they gave a friend.

Simple was the gift

Yet it told me much about the giver.

Very many months after I’d beheld the gift,

The binding cord tugged at my heart

and my soul knew no rest.

I never thought we would cross path.

As fate would have it,

We met by chance

At a random convention.

We got talking soul to soul.

Life was beautiful and perfect

Till we crossed the line.

We started a fire we could not quench.

We got burnt; body, mind and soul.

But alive we are to tell the tale

Of first, true love and soul match.

We went our ways,

Very, many miles apart

But our souls stayed connected


The hurt, the pain, the longing and all

That comes with  separation.

We sometimes meet in our memories.

Our hearts  still beat in unison.

We hope to meet before the curtain draws.

This is where the story ends


For now.


14 thoughts on “Burnt

  1. Wowzer! A pretty incredible yarn you did masterfully spin here with this fantastically fascinating torrid love tale told in very few lines but couldn’t be more than complete and loaded anyhows! This sizzles piping ‘hawt’ 🔥Sweetkinz, way too hot to handle edging on combustible…..infernal! 💣💣😆

    Usually, when a relationship as it were fully crosses the line, it does so at a very fast drive and pace! Attractions start to build and connection turns pretty quickly from physical to emotional! Rather than turn tails and run afar off; we remain till our emotions take over, overwhelming us and thinking straight becomes darnright impossible! Big Oops! 👿😆

    Plus, having come back from getting burnt after the first encounter, it does seem a bit of a stretch that the Narrator would be angling and yearning for yet another tryst before the curtain draws; just like a moth that’s dangerously and irresistibly attracted to the flame! ‘For now’, he/she says; and I say another meeting, would be something of a catalyst; that’d be sure to stir up a well or reservoir of long repressed feelings; thereby fanning into fiery flames implacable and uncontrollable desires! Sparks would be reignited….fly, and the Narrator would be lucky to get off easy this time around by perhaps sustaining only a few ‘burns’; as opposed to totally bursting and going up in flames…turning to ashes! 😈😆

    So for now and before the curtain draws, it’d be a lot safer to maybe ‘stay in line’ y’know?! But, that’s easier said than done! 😂😂😂

    ‘Its easy to keep things at a distance, its hard to be naturally beyond them’ affirms Bunan and since the heart does things for reasons that reasons itself does not quite get or understand; especially in the matters of the heart and moreso where soulmates are concerned, I can pretty much hear the Narrator clearly say to this soulmate the words of these lines…. Hehehe

    ‘I love you

    Toxic huh?! 🙉😩 Maybe not, but….. whatever! 😂😂😂

    You go gurl, this is a total charmer for real! ❤😎

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    1. *faints*
      How do you do this goddess?!
      I’ll love to register for lessons with you.
      Your analysis are top notch . You leave no stone unturned.
      You make every writer want to write more(amity for one).
      … And you are so on point with these lines “I love you
      The narrator shares same spirit with bella( twilight saga), i guess.
      Power of love I suppose.
      Thanks you so much for stopping by and dropping these powerful lines😉😉😘😘😘
      You are🔥🔥🔥like that🙌

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  2. “for now”
    my best lines
    it speaks volumes, of hope
    of faith
    and courage
    the patience to wait, for the one who makes the poet complete
    without who life isn’t just full and whole
    “for now”
    you are worth the pain, the wait, the vigils
    because one day with you
    trumps forever spent
    without you
    “for now”
    we are apart
    parts of whole
    but not for long
    we shall yet come together
    and complete each other

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    1. Wow!
      You are a poetic wizard !
      Of course, only a love Dr can serve hot lines like these without getting ‘burnt’.

      Yes! ‘For now’
      Speaks of hope and all that you penned,
      Owning to the fact that these ones are still connected soul to soul as described by our narrator.
      We do hope the story continues though
      So we can have the ‘happy ending’.
      We shall hope and wait, Shall’t we?
      Thanks so much Dr 🙌👏

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