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I was assured it was going to last a life time.  Regular servicing was all it needed.

Maybe I did. Maybe I did not…It broke down mid year when it was most needed. I lost the manual and I ran out of oil so I made a call to the manufacturer but I got no reply because I dialed the wrong number. How could I have been so silly? No manual, no oil and no number!

I decided to take a trip to their warehouse but I needed the engine to make the trip, my faulty engine. I wished I could get it fix. I remembered my nosy neighbor once said  that the ‘everywhere man’ can fix everything. (My nosy neighbor talks funny but she seemed to be always right).

I have heard so much about the everywhere man but never have I seen him. I would not have recognize him if he stood in front of me. I wondered where the‘everywhere man’ could be.”Finding him could save me travelling above to the manufacturer”, I thought.

Five hundred thousand miles away from home. Lost. Tired. Lonely. Broken. Thirsty and dead. Super dead. I laid my head on a solid rock, closed my eyes wished them never to open again. Suddenly, the irregular beat began, so did the pounding. I began to convulse, I hit my head hard on the solid rock but my skull refused to crack open but the engine in my chest vibrated violently that I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. “It was all going to end right here”, I thought to my dying self. I was dead to me. Very dead. “No one is ever going to find me here. No one. What a lonely way to die”, I thought.

Little did I know that my nosy neighbor was spying on me? She saw me sneak out of my house that fateful night. She went in search of the ‘everywhere man’ and She spoke to him on my behalf.

That everywhere man did a good job fixing it. He did unclog my engine and made it as new. He gave me all I needed to service it regularly- the Manufacturer’s manual, number and the engine oil. He did take me home too.  I never knew my nosy neighbor could be that useful to me. Thanks to her nosiness, I got it working again and I got to meet the everywhere man.



(learning process, bear with me).




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10 thoughts on “MY NOSY NEIGHBOR

  1. 👌👌👌

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  2. A very abstract, pretty thrilling piece of writing wherein great wisdom and hilarity abides and abounds! Its like one who’s embarking on a journey to nowhere…..a total exercise in futility like pouring water into a basket and somewhat hoping it gets filled up! Such folly! And the ‘Everywhere’ Man huh?! Scatterbrained but somewhat ‘real’ and ‘true’ perhaps? Especially seeing as ‘he’ showed up perhaps in the form of the nosy saviour of a neighbour to fix all that was ruined! 😩

    Learning process ei?! You brought this though and you can only get better from here on out! Carry on…..learning then? This right here’s full of intrigues! Well done Amity! 😄👍

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  3. I will call her Rosy, always the nosy neighbour. Weldone Amity, the piece was nicely crafted. How super grand would you rather have loved it to be…huh? Regards to everywhere man…guess he’s not faceless…

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  4. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    This is one of the best piece I’ve read so far
    Made me think of Christ too…
    I truly love this.
    Lady Amity, you are SPECIAL like that.
    Nice piece intriguing and engaging…

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  5. This is an allegory.
    Everywhere man being Jesus
    Engine being life / heart
    Manual being the Bible
    And the nosy neighbor? What everyone of us should be; the caring person that always beams the light of the gospel, and that always stand watch over souls, praying and interceding, and always pointing them to Christ and showing kindness.

    Nice work.

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