An Epistle | by Ayo Sogunro

Ayo Sogunro

I woke up in the dark
A sober mien on my visage

My voiceless thoughts
Spiralled and twirled
All around you

I wished you were here
By me,
You, my divine sin,
My saving fault

I pulled the coverlet
Around me and saw you
Glimmering in silk and satin
The rainbow, woven in your hair

And your graceful smile
Lulled me
Back into a peaceful

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1 thought on “An Epistle | by Ayo Sogunro

  1. This piece not only seduces but sizzles too and establishes greatly the power inherent in our minds as mortals! The mind’s a powerhouse and when a daydreamer and one with an imaginative prowess so great fully harnesses and plugs into all of its potentials, there’s no telling what accomplishments can be wrought….the possibilities are endless! Nicely done this piece, thanks a lot for sharing Sweets! 😄😁


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