out of this world

Broken vessel…


IMG_6107.JPG Image:

I hid in the shadow

Overwhelmed by guilt.

I had broken my own heart

Over again.

Two hearts have I broken

Mine and His.

He, who loves me so.

The feeling of guilt vowed to

destroy my fragile being


I tasted it.


I ate the whole lot.


Now, bitter to swallow

I should have known better

Stolen waters are sweet.

Oh! I am crushed

I, who was once precious

vessel in the potter’s hand

Now broken and shattered into pieces…

Who can fix me?


You hid in the shadow

Feeling of guilt

Ravaging your being,

Killing you one moment at a time


Yes, You could not resist it

Your desire consumed you

You tasted its succulence with relish

‘Sweet’ you thought

Damning the consequences

You ate the whole lot.

You should have known better…

I heard your lonely cry from the

shadow where…

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