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LIVING IN NEVERLAND blog Affair (episode 2)


HUGO has just finished typing on his laptop. He is about to

send when he gets a call.

He checks the caller – Anna.

He answers.


(listens for a while)



Okay. Coming.

Hugo closes his laptop and walks off.


ANNA sits quietly on the bench.

Hugo walks over to her.


Three weeks.


Yep. And now I finally have



That’s nothing. What happened?


What do you mean by what happened?


Why have you chosen to write about her?


What wrong with writing about her?


your follower…they have read and loved

everything you have written and posted every week for

two years now.have you… did you give them a thought

when you decided to write about her?

you are the guy who has written

about Asa and Nneka and Nse and

Leila and the Asian girl in Girls

in the Hood… now you chose to writes about a

controversial self proclaimed celebrity with a stripping past?


Did you understand the angle I WROTE the piece from?


the angle is stil no justification in my opinion.


It won’t hurt anyone.


JK wrote a book and that didn’t

hurt anyone.


She made love to so many wizards

for so many nights. She too was a

bad girl.

(Anna stares at him for a while.)


You can’t post it.


(sighs, looks at Anna


I’ve been lost for a while. Her

blog helped me find myself. Let’s

forget about her stripping past and

focus on who she is now.


I need this. I’m like Gil Pender.

I need to walk in the rain


Anna looks at him quietly for a while.


What about your readers?


I hope they understand.



you should Follow some of them esppecially the regular ones,

 Get personal and know what they’ll think about



I’ll do that, Anna.thank you.

Anna kisses him on the cheek.


Be a good boy, Hugo. Anna cares.


written by Jaywriterug




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4 thoughts on “LIVING IN NEVERLAND blog Affair (episode 2)

  1. The muse and the writer…
    The internal debate between staying true to art or dabbling into what’s popular…
    A good depiction of the struggles of a writer trying to break into the limelight…that ever desire for critical acclaim…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice dialogue……again! Well done! 😊😄

    Someone says, ‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and only 5minutes to ruin it. He goes on to say ‘If we thought ’bout that, we’d do things differently’! That said, I always do well to thank God that mortals aren’t God! Its human to err and make mistakes; which Robert Flip says ‘Are ALWAYS forgivable, rarely excusable and always unacceptable’! One false move and wrong done by a person, reverbrates with us humans that even a single right done, will not erase!

    What am rambling bout is this….Anna oughta cut Hugo and the ‘Black Sheep’, serving as his muse some slacks! Let Hugo ease naturally into what he deems fit to write ’bout! Besides, the ‘Black Sheep’ has helped restore his ‘mojo’ and that is a good thing! If his readers are displeased and get a move on, then its their problem to deal with! Every Writer have their own crowds and others who identify with his muse, will locate and take the places of those who wandered off! We all slip up and it’d be callous and very unfair to demonize a person, based on a past wrong! So, chillax Anna; nothing dey happen! 😂😂😂

    Imagination’s everything….its the preview of life’s coming attraction- Albert Einstein! ‘Blog affairs is dripping with great imaginative prowess wielded by the Authors and like Vegas, whatever happens on the blogs; stays on the blogs….I think! 😈😆

    Kudos guys! 👉😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a billion dear goddess for giving us this powerful multivitamin comment.
      …and You are dead on point , it is so not kind to judge people based on their past. Anna sure needs a chill pill 😊 indeed.

      Liked by 1 person

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