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His vows he slayed,
Her vows relived.
Visions visibly dismembered;
Memories forcefully lumbered.
Like a bed unmade to be laid.
Disavowed gently, broken seal disengaged.
Sacrificed dreams both would wake;
As they veered their separate ways.
Whatever was left, would be raked.
Better and safer alone,
Part of his/her story foreclosed.

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3 thoughts on “Disavowed

  1. Oh Wow! ‘Disavowed’ is a deeply sad piece, prettily crafted! Those words…..sheer beaut and mastery!

    When love goes wrong and the parties involved have unconsciously become what I’d term….’Two lit fuses waiting to get off; you know, a fight looking to happen in a relationship that’s contentious and is gone awry, the next best thing will be for the parties to count their losses, pack up and go their separate ways! Get out of each other’s hairs and claws; before someone gets killed! There’s absolutely nothing fascinating bout a toxic relationship, it eats away at the soul! 😔

    Pretty cool reblog, thanks for sharing! 😊😄

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  2. Yemie is so on point. Personally I feel the other side of it could yeild a positive result with good intentions.
    Amity…see…you are an amazing catalyst. winks…

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