LIVING IN NEVER-LAND: Blog affair (episode 1)

 This is not poetry. It is drama. It is not a typical drama .

It  is an experimental piece, WRITTEN FOR FUN AND FOR LOVE OF WRITING.

I  do hope you enjoy it. I will surely like to know your thoughts. 

Amity and Jaywriterug will be taking turns to write the  few episodes. 

Thank you.





 It’s a rainy day . Kingston

 Clare sits on a couch with a mug of hot chocolate clutched

tightly in her palms.

 She stares as the rain drops makes pitter-patter on the


 After a while, she turns her attention back to her blank

computer screen.  She refreshes it but still there was nothing new.


  CLARE (V.O.)

There has been no new post for about  three weeks now. It is unlike him.
(She stands up from the couch and moves towards the window, still

clutching her mug of chocolate.  She drifts to Neverland.)



Why don’t you DM him on Twitter?



Hmmmm… No. I’m not that desperate. Moreover, he does not

  follow me.


JOHN (moves closer to her)

But you are desperate Clare! Look at you, you look as though your man

 has abandoned you for months. Get a grip and do what you do best.
 CLARE (without shifting her gaze from the falling rain)

What do I do best John, what do I do best?



You, Clare built neverland out of nothing!

That isn’t real!

Is he real?
 CLARE (turns to face John)

Are you?
 JOHN  (looks away)

But I love you.

You don’t write.

 ( She turns her attention back to the rain.)



He stopped writing too. Can’t you  see?

( Clare moves back to the couch.)



He hasn’t.

(clicks on laptop screen)

 He must be busy… Or maybe… There must be an explanation for

 his absence.
JOHN (sits beside her)

 Do you think he notices you?



 He does reply my comments.



 He does that with all his readers.


  CLARE (sighs)

 Are you going to help or not?

I love you Clare.



 I will tweet at him.



I will wait. I am patient.



You can start a blog while you  wait.

Pale Blue Eyes plays in the Background


 JOHN (kisses her lightly on her forehead)

You will love me someday.

 ( He walks away.)

INT. Clare’s room.
Clare types briskly on her laptop, pauses to read through,

then clicks ‘enter’.



(She is about to sign out when the notification icon flashes.

Quickly, she opens it.)


to be continued…




12 thoughts on “LIVING IN NEVER-LAND: Blog affair (episode 1)

  1. Hahha! I love this bit. Playful, and just very relatable. Those words… the ego… the silent musings on a rainy day; me and my head, debating whether I love him or not, and how much or not I want to grab my phone and chat him up. There’s almost always a ‘him’… but we’re thankful for Neverland, aren’t we? That’s where all the tumultuous tormenting desires and wants find release! Amen!!

    Nice one Amity, ‘n Jay Charlie! We wait for more…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe. You shall understand it better by and by😃

      Hmmm and i guess that is what makes life what it is and why we gat things to write about 😁😁

      Thanks for stopping by.
      You are well appreciated 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This right here’s magic and dare I say but there’s nothing more erotic than a great conversation! Needless to say these dialogues and ruminations totally gets me! Wow! 😊😄

    A computer, a cuppa, an internet connection, the falling rain, a convo with an imaginary buddy who’s been ‘friendzoned’, a secret crush and sitting pretty amidst these, is a Daydreamer, living a charmed life in ‘Charmsville’….Never Land! It’d be real worthwhile to see where these all go! Its what fantasies are made of and you did work your imagination hard, I like! This is mighty enthralling, like a scene from a movie! Well done! 😇😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow!
      Who hath thou?😳😳😳😳

      Hmmm… I am quite sure You are neverlander for you to dissect this so perfectly.

      Like we say in neverland “only a neverlander knows the ways of neverlandians ” hehehe😊😀😊😀😃
      …and yes! We shall see how it ends(we hope the fairy aliens do justice)😉

      Thank you goddess for finding your way to Amity’s.😊😊😊😘😘😘😘
      It is an honour to have your priceless words autographed on amity’s 😘😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

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