out of this world


As the day gradually wind out,

Just like yesterday and yesteryears

I wonder where the days leisurely go.

All set to usher in a new day,

It amazes me where they do come from.


As I see the sun rise from a clear horizon,

Maybe the world of a new day is without omission.

It crawls in in the midnight embracing the dawn

A beautiful morning is launched.


Should love easily evolve like the day,

I will ponder from where it comes from.

And should it sublime unlike hatred,

I will be dazed by untrue revelations.

But I know where my heart belong.

Decisions just left that home.


– Olufemi Oladotun




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One thought on “OBVIOUS SECRETS

  1. Hmmm
    “But I know where my heart belong.”
    Powerful words…
    All summed up in those words

    Liked by 1 person

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