We were innocently young,

And thought everything was fun.

Dining with the devil was normal

For him to avoid us was abnormal.

These scars are enough proof.

We are grey and older now.

Evil we contest, the good we hardly detest.

A swell time for death to have fun, we found it sour.

We coil and spring to our heels.

He bargained with the dust.

In reality, it is completely lost.

Lending its filthy hands to digest devoured preys,

We increase our pace and pray.

No waiting whenever we hear the ground thunder

We know that familiar sound; it just belched.

Another soul did satisfy his appetite.

We cannot be forever young,

But we can be forever grateful we were once young.

To me, that is the cheerful sound of a gong.

– Olufemi Oladotun.


14 thoughts on “YOUNGER THEN, OLDER NOW

  1. The seeming immortality of Youth.
    Then we grow up and realise,
    That life’s clock doesn’t slow down but speeds up,
    And that scares us.
    Fear becomes the norm as we see them fall,
    Fellow immortals,one by one,
    It scares us cos we know,soon-
    Our number’s bound to come up.

    Top notch.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks beordoon. It is inevitable, we only need to make every moment count. It is most interesting when one is in the position of telling how it all happened.


  2. But then, in the company of all we hold dear, in the joy of their youths and exuberances, we are reborn and we relive the ectasy of our long lost youth.
    So, yes… We can be forever young, even at the last despairing gasp for breath. I know I will…

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  3. Yeah.
    When we were children, we think like children.
    Younger then but older now.
    But some of us still remain young at heart.
    Nice poem Olufemi.

    Liked by 1 person

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