out of this world



let your heart beat in symphony


nature’s  breathe. 

life changing, soul healing

is the gift of love.

pass it on.Amity



Big thank to Just Patty of petitemagique for passing the ‘Heart as One Drum beat award’ to Amity.

It is such a great honor to be a recipient of this special award that celebrates love and compassion.


This award was created by Sue Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary  .

According to Sue, “This is an award to pass along to bloggers who are sharing posts which are helping show our empathy, Love and Kindness,

or who Highlight injustice that beat their own Drum to bring awareness to the world.”


“Within their posts whether it be through Poem or Word

Caring for others is a must for this Award.

Be it through Laughter or Humor

Photograph or Story

Love and Compassion




I dedicate this award to all my readers  for showing so much love since I started blogging.

I want to use this medium to say a big and heartfelt thank you to you all for finding time out of your schedules to read, like and comment on my blog.

This, to me  is a true show of love.


When the days are dark,

And the nights seem to never end

Your presence here

Light my world and put a big smile my face.

You may not think much of it

For me it means so much. 



*I  do know some of you do not dig blog awards

but Amity got to do what Amity got to do.  thank you*


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12 thoughts on “WITHOUT YOU…

  1. You honor me, my friend. Thank you so much.

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  2. عابرةسبيل on said:


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  3. breakdownchick on said:

    What a wonderful award. Congrats to you dear and a big heartfelt thank you for the nomination. I am honored ! ❤

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  4. Awww…this is so sweet
    Like honey, a gesture money
    Cannot buy, you litter the street
    Of my heart with kindness
    And intoxicating is the tenderness
    That radiates from you
    It’s fragrance is rich; true
    Happiness is found with friends
    And you, dear Amity, have overwhelmed
    Me with your kind gestures over and over again.

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  5. You deserve it!
    And what a beautiful dedication ❤


  6. Congrats Amity! An award well deserved. Best wishes to you! Hugs, phoebe 🙂


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