out of this world


Once I listened to the rhythm of nature,

It was a beautiful call.

Today, it dances to a different music.

It is the devil’s Waltz.


A giant swish, sickening boisterous whistle.

Torrents of swirling madness, an insane sink hole.

Sucking in, churning mass of debris.


Could this be once a while Tango?

No it is no mean Mambo.

Eerie swish sounds like mumbo jumbo.


A Muezzin clung to a Minaret,

Prayers summoned for himself.

A shepherd braced his faith,

Oblivious to the wild bleats of his sheep.

One for oneself, all for nothing!


What have we done?

Nature was held in disdain, a trillion times more

It responded in disgust, few seconds left to gore.


This is just one

Did water not come to explore?

When finally the revenge is done,

Martyrs would be made out of no one.

Is anybody alive?

Can someone hear me?

Written by Oladotun Olufemi


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2 thoughts on “CARNIVOROUS AIR

  1. This is a beautiful poem. I especially loved the first verse

    Liked by 1 person

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