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God is in all things.

This is so beautiful and true.



A Poem by Coyote Poetry


God is in our heart. In what we say and do. God is not found in the church. It is how we look at life and how we treat our brothers and sisters.




What is God? God is what we hold dear in our heart.
Religion is the base for the belief in God. Not the foundation.

God is the birth of a new child. Their new life show us. Life is never-ending
God is the coming of a new day.
The hope and trust we can do well and be caring and kind  to the people we are near.

God is the kind words we speak to the people we love.
Teacher of love protect us and care for us.
One day we must repay with a open and a concern heart.

God is in our heart. In what we say…

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2 thoughts on “God is in all things.

  1. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    GOD is in everything.
    GOD is deep.
    Deeper than the depth of the Atlantic Ocean…

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  2. True julian


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