I find this very interesting. I love the way the story was told.

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A familiar pain stumps through my chest

This familiar pain stronger than the rest

(Coughs out blood)

The redness spread across from me

Spread so wide for my dying eyes to see

My fingers tremble reaching for the spatter

Fingers compete with blood on which is darker

(Drowsiness sets in)

I am Anikulapo, I cannot be killed

I have swam where men couldn’t have sailed

Walked on what seemed like lava

And strangled bulls only for their liver

(Eyes getting shut)

I cannot be killed

Not even from a tiger in swimming was also skilled

A little sleep is all I need on my couch

I am Anikulapo, I have Death in my pouch

I could feel the life draw from his chest

Oh the stench, I wish I couldn’t take you just yet

(Covers nose)

The fear in his eyes were wider than the eyes I could see

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