out of this world

Would you

If you could see into my mind, would you be afraid?

Would you run? Or be so kind to locate where it’s made.

Day and night at any time, the thoughts begin to wade.

More than one they form a line and cut me like a blade.

If you could dive into my soul, would you comprehend?

Would you hear? Or be too whole to try and understand.

Black and blue I’ve played my role while sadness held my hand.

We can share but wind will blow our dreams built on the sand.

If you could swim inside my heart would you disapprove?

Would you smile? Or be too smart to have yourself to lose.

Loving laughing from the start, if only life was smooth.

Worth my while but souls apart, so silence I now choose.

Swiftly dream and softly sigh, exhale the tainted bliss.

Can you hold my fragile life with joy to reminisce?

Waiting, waiting, terrified that maybe I might miss.

So I begin to rectify myself from all of this.

Written by Kadeen


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7 thoughts on “Would you

  1. Oh Amity. This is beautifully sad. But it’s a good way of saying, “hey, if you can’t make me happy, don’t make me sadder than I already am.” If only they’ll just listen and take the hint…

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  2. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    So beautiful but saddening.

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  3. Nice…
    It’s the fear that people will not get us that makes us hide behind walls…
    Walls that close us in and choke us…
    Until we decide to break them and just be
    Open our hearts to all and sundry
    While there will be heartbreak
    There will also be that moment of bliss
    Acceptance and unconditional love
    And then it will make all the difference

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